Dream #2

Went to see Hell is for Heroes. Made it through the (relatively small) crowd to be right at the front. Was great. They were doing a lot of covers. Was with Emily (another random friend from my childhood).

Halfway through the gig they had a break and the lead singer told me to go and get some chips if I was hungry – So I did.

Then I was in a hospital / science lab type building, well the corridors of one anyway, and had to find my way out using the signs. At one point I went where I wasn’t supposed to, as common sense told me it would be quicker than going through the security checks.

Then I had to scale down the oustside of the building (in a helter skelter fashion). It was an old building now, like the Central building from Cardiff University.

When I reached the bottom I saw who I assumed to be the girlfriend of the lead singer, dragging a big heavy sack of pound coins to her red car.

When I reached the building again there was a big industrial style chain across the door with a sign saying ‘Don’t step over the chain.’ I wanted to get back to the gig obviously so I laid on the floor and slid underneath it, even though the receptionists were looking at me like I was mad.

By the time I got to the gig it was just finishing and I got to the front again, hoping there would be an encore, but there was no encore. The end.

2 thoughts on “Dream #2

  1. Interesting. Will come back to it when I have more time to reflect on it … But first, what is “Hell is for Heroes” and what significance does this have to you personally? And Emily, is she someone you’re still in touch with at the present time? Just trying to get a clearer perspective …

  2. Hell is for Heroes is a band, one of my fave bands who I’ve seen quite a few times, though they disbanded recently, although are getting back together for a reunion tour but I haven’t got tickets for that. Emily is someone who I went to primary school with, not in touch with anymore, well she might be a Facebook friend but not one I talk to…

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