Letter to a Ghost

Blog post challenge inspired by Swift Expression

Dear Robot,

I miss you every day. I think of you having your hot buttered toast and your tea. I miss the little jokes we made that no-one else would understand. I hope that you are happy and everything is going well for you, and that you aren’t too stressed with work. I hope you have time to enjoy all the things you enjoy doing. I just want to say thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty of the world, the autumn leaves, the magic and mystery that surrounds us. You have changed the very core of my being, and what’s important to me in my own life. Nothing will ever be the same since having met you, the sound of music, or anything. I feel ridiculous even writing this because I know no-one else would understand. There are so many things I want to share with you, like the goodness in my heart. I loved being there for you. I loved making you laugh. I understand why we can’t be friends anymore. And I understand why you had to break my heart. But please know there will always be a bottle of wine here with your name on it, in the back of my cupboard, covered in dust, just for you.

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