4 thoughts on “Vagina mandala

  1. I can’t click “like”!! Forgive me, but I can’t! LMAO. I will, however, be curious to see how many people like this … any straight men out there following your blog …? Other lesbians …?

    • LOL Maybe I will draw a penis mandala and you can ‘like’ that instead. Although…. if I’m honest… I’m not entirely sure what one looks like 😉 so I may have to get back to you on that 🙂

      • LOL, you are most kind to offer, but I think straight women are more appreciative of things like nice shoulders, good legs, firm bum, rather than the other bits. I will never forget reading somewhere (although don’t ask me where) someone had written “I mean, [men’s parts] don’t exactly look like a box of kittens”. LOL. Now, I can see how a woman’s breasts can be beautiful, certainly. But what goes on below the waist really doesn’t look like a box of kittens (imho)!

        And Rebecca, while I am here I shall scold you for being very naughty. Why have you answered 3 of my blogging challenge questions but not the remaining two? I see you on here blogging away madly sometimes at 3 in the morning!! You go to bed even later than I do! LOL. Come on my lovely, sexy, voluptuous woman. Give me some of your artistic magic.

        You can do the Visual Tribute however you like it, just do a painting or a collage or whatever you like. You don’t have to use objects as such. I’ll bend the rules for you because you’re special to me. 😉 I mean, c’mon, you have time to draw a vagina mandala! You can do my blogging challenge, you naughty girl!!

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