Breadcrumb trail

I have done something very naughty. I’m leaving a flipping breadcrumb trail. Stop it, stop it. What do you think is going to happen? She’s going to click on it…. Ooohh there’s a big juicy breadcrumb. And I am VERY hungry. It’s dark in the woods, but still, so hungry. Oh my… there’s another! What’s gonna happen when she gets to your house in the flipping woods? Will everything magically be ok? No. Have you just made it worse? Yes, yes, I’ve just made it a hundred times worse. Will any good come of it? No. Nothing good will happen, even if she likes your house, you just know you’re gonna end up chucking her in the cauldron. Or yourself! So stop it. Stop leaving breadcrumbs. And eat the damn bread yourself. You idiot.

image by lordeeas ~ deviantart

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