A favourite quote from the X-files episode ‘Milagro’, in which Scully wears a top hat, and gets involved with a writer with a goatee, who seems to know everything about her.

(SCULLY enters a Catholic church and goes straight to a painting of Christ holding a burning heart. A man standing behind a column watches her. It is PHILLIP PADGETT. He walks over and looks at the painting with her. SCULLY stares at him, obviously uncomfortable.)

PHILLIP PADGETT: I often come here to look at this painting. It’s called “My Divine Heart” after the miracle of Saint Margaret Mary. Do you know the story… The revelation of the Sacred Heart? Christ came to Margaret Mary his heart so inflamed with love that it was no longer able to contain its burning flames of charity. Margaret Mary… so filled with divine love herself, asked the Lord to take her heart… and so he did placing it alongside his until it burned with the flames of his passion. Then he restored it to Margaret Mary sealing her wound with the touch of his blessed hand.

SCULLY: Why are you telling me this?

PHILLIP PADGETT: You came here specifically to see this painting, didn’t you?

SCULLY: Yes. How did you know that?

PHILLIP PADGETT: I saw you enter. The way you knew right where it was.

SCULLY: I know you. You live next to somebody I work with. Why are you following me?

PHILLIP PADGETT: I’m not. I’d only imagined that you’d come here today.

SCULLY: You imagined it.



PHILLIP PADGETT: I’m a writer. That’s what I do– imagine how people behave. I have to admit I’ve noticed you. I do that… Notice people. I saw that you wear a gold cross around your neck so I was taking a chance with the painting– explaining something you may have already known. I saw Georgetown parking permits on your car dating from 1993 and a government-exempt sticker that lets you park anywhere you like. You don’t live in this area but as a federal employee, you have reason to frequent it. You’re fit, with muscular calves so you must exercise or run. There’s a popular running route right nearby that you might use at lunch or after work. You’d have noticed this church in passing and though parking is always a problem in this part of town your special privileges would make it easy to visit … not as a place of worship but because you have an appreciation for architecture and the arts… and while the grandeur is what you’d take away from your visit … this painting’s religious symbolism would have left a subconscious impression jogged by the gift you received this morning.

(Apparently, he is correct about everything. SCULLY stares at him.)

SCULLY: That was from you?

PHILLIP PADGETT: I have to admit to a secret attraction.

(SCULLY, looks away rolling her eyes, not wanting to deal with this.)

PHILLIP PADGETT: I’m sorry I didn’t include a note explaining that but you didn’t know me then.

SCULLY: Yeah, and I don’t know you now and I don’t care to.

PHILLIP PADGETT: I see this is making you uncomfortable and I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m taken with you. That never happens to me. We’re alike that way.

(SCULLY stares at him, tears in her eyes. She slowly turns and leaves the church.)

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