Dream #14

Dreamed I was on a train and I didn’t have a ticket. I put out my old ticket and hoped the inspector wouldn’t notice the date. She didn’t.

Train ticket

My mam, dad and sister were in the posh cabin with comfy seats. I went in there briefly hoping to find an abandoned ticket I could use. My parents asked me to look after a fox in a bucket and some rats.

Then the animal inspectors came and took us off the train. They made me carry the bucket and the fox was dirty and was nibbling my fingers.


Went into town, was met by Lee who was supposedly a friend from school. He greeted me with a huge sloppy kiss but I didn’t really remember him.

He took us to see a set of drawers we could keep the rats in. I said “It’s cardboard. The rats will just nibble through the cardboard.”

I was peed off at this point and said they had plastic drawers in Cardiff and I could have got some if I’d have known.

The animal inspectors were quizzing me on whether I knew how to look after the animals. I said I didn’t know and didn’t want them in the first place. They asked if the fox had changed colour recently. I said I had no idea and they should ask my parents.

I was against the whole thing. I said “rats attract more rats,” but my dad said that was just a myth. I said “Ok, I just want nothing to do with it.”

The female inspector thought the fox looked ill. I said “It must be the time of year, the same happens with my colitis.”

5 thoughts on “Dream #14

  1. Well, since I just checked out the dreamer’s dictionary (by lady stearn robinson), here’s some info from the book. 😀 Fox = danger, rats = protection, travel = increase in status/income, tickets = delayed news, sloppy insincere kiss = false friends! 🙂 Usually these translations just confuse a dream, but they’re fun, and I had the book, so thought I’d share, ha! 😀

    • Thanks for that rarasaur that’s great! Who knew! 🙂 Will have to invest in one of those books as my dreams are so random and I’m usually clueless as to any meaning! I will have to have a think about all that now lol 🙂

      • haha, most of the time they just end up confusing things more, but it’s fun to think of things as universal themes. Example, it seems random to dream about a fox, but it can’t be that random if a dream person put it in a book, right? 🙂 It makes you wonder how many people around the world are dreaming similarly…

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