Dream #19 – Cathedral City Nightmare



I always thought it was a myth about eating cheese before bed giving you nightmares, perhaps not, I did have a slice of this last night…

So I can’t really remember that much of my dream, but it was bloody horrible. What I do remember:

I was sat on the sofa holding a glass of water, and then something happened to my hand I couldn’t control it, and I spilt the water, I was saying “help me, help me” it’s like my hand got a life of its own and started attacking me.

Then I had all these horrible long things growing on my legs, they were empty but massive and red and dangly so I said “See, do you believe me now? Something is very wrong.”

Then I was in a room with conservatory doors and my ex came in through the doors, lots of her, one after the other, like clones. Some of them had their faces painted black and some were painted white and they were all laughing at me.

The dream was much longer than this, but I’ve gone all day without writing it down and I can’t really remember it now. Something about I was in a bed, in a wooded area, writing something… and the bed was really high off the ground, and it was dark. I can’t really remember.

Then I was in a caravan and a car crashed into the side.

All in all a horrid, anxiety inducing dream, one of those ones where you are on edge the whole time and scared s***less.

I don’t know if it was the cheese…?


14 thoughts on “Dream #19 – Cathedral City Nightmare

  1. Uhhhh i read this after i ate cheese ( mac and cheese lol). I certainly hope it wasnt cheese induced.

    That was an intense crazy dream. My heart was pumping just reading it. I used to have these scifi dreams and while they were scary the whole time my dream self was think omg this would make an awesome movie. Then i wake up and could not figure out who to write it down and capture the craze. Then as more wakefulness entered my brain i lost more and more of the dream. It’s like literally chasing a passing fog. So frustrating. Glad you remembered at least a little bit to share, it was intense to read!

    • Oh my goodness, Tasha, you just reminded me of something so similar that I used to experience many years ago and had completely forgotten. I used to get the same kind of thing where I would be thinking to myself during the dream – this would make a really good *book* (not movie). And then I’d wake up trying to cling onto the memory of the dream but it would evaporate so fast … Wow, I had completely forgotten all about that. I have to write that in my ET Journal. Thanks! And isn’t it frustrating? And you know what else? I think that qualifies as “lucid dreaming”, at least partly, because we were aware that we were dreaming whilst still asleep.

      • It is frustrating! I would be a best selling novelist if i was able to capture the essence of my dreams. I learned a little bit of lucid dreaming when i was around 17/18… i used to have terrible nightmares, sleep paralysis. I even did things like but a glass of water under my bed ( its a spanish superstition thingy where the water “filters” evil and harmful presences in your subconscious mind). I stopped doing that when i found the glass knocked over. THere is NO possible way the glass could have gotten knocked over so i swore it was an evil spirit angered I was trying to block it lol. I had dream catchers. Then i spoke to a teacher and he told us about lucid dreaming and i just started doing what he suggested and it got so much better but now i barely dream or rarely remember them.

        • I think I’ve had a couple of lucid dreams lately… in as much as I’m aware I’m dreaming. Although not able to control anything lol! The last one… I realised I was dreaming and I’d had about 7 dreams one after the other… and I just kept on dreaming because I knew I was dreading having to write them all up! Then the last dream I had was a dream about writing up my dreams lol. That was quite stressful lol!

  2. Rebecca, that is one of the most gross nightmares I’ve ever heard of. Seriously, I thought my nightmares were bad (2 or 3 a week) but that is just truly gross. I can’t think of another word for it. That image … things on your legs … will be haunting me for ages now. You should do one of those “Reader discretion advised” things like I do before some of my posts!!! LOL.

  3. Amazing imagos. Well, the ex’es came after me even after 20 years too. Not personal disputes anymore – just symbols of evil and fear or my shortcomings.
    Brave you. I write up any dream as fast as I can too. But password it.
    Geat visuals yo have done,,

    • Thanks… I’ve had to censor a couple of things lately that are probably a little bit personal for public consumption lol. But the rest I find interesting to put up here because other people sometimes give me a completely different perspective on them I hadn’t thought of…

  4. Well, certainly an innovative concept of collective dream analysis. We make in blogs new global art and literature together why not psychoanalysis … love it

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