It’s official, I’m famous

Perhaps not for the reason I had hoped…

I like to think I write about some interesting stuff on my blog. Perusing the statistics page, as I sometimes do… One of my most popular search terms ever, how thrilling! What is it? Dreams, depression, art, poetry?

No. Not quite.

Sex with vegetables

Should I feel relieved, that I may not be the only person in the world who has possibly considered resorting to sex with a vegetable?

Or, should I be concerned that my website is currently the 5th most popular in the world for the term “Sex with vegetables” ?

Google Search Results

I will sleep well tonight knowing, at long last, I may have finally found my calling in life.

I’m sorry I didn’t include any hints or tips in my last post, I wouldn’t want any readers to leave disappointed… As such I have included a picture of  this shapely cucumber:


13 thoughts on “It’s official, I’m famous

  1. LMFAO! Wow. I’m sorry I’m laughing so hard right now. Hey, at least you can spell, unlike the search term underneath. “Suitecase”…. hrm. Unless you can cram an entire unit of a building into some sort of container, I don’t think anyone will be finding that blog…

    • LMAO that’s hysterical about the “suitecase”, I never even noticed it until I read your comment. Mind you, I’m just as likely to write something totally stupid like that cause I never check my spelling or anything, but that was hilarious what you said.

  2. Well I have been having one of the most … ok I really want to swear but I’m just a guest on your blog so I won’t, but one of the WORST DAYS OF MY LIFE today, and just browsing around in wordpress cause I am too depressed to do anything else, and I saw this post and I actually laughed. So thank you. Half an hour ago I was thinking about suicide and now I just laughed. Thank you.

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