Dream #30

Had a traumatic dream about piano storage. And storage of red plastic drawers. It was £3.50 per person for the storage. We couldn’t store them in Tesco’s or in the chemistry lab. So we paid for the storage and put them on the metal shelves.


Then I had a dream about having sexual dreams.


Then I had a dream I was fighting with a polar bear, we were throwing snowballs / chunks of ice at each other. But the polar bear didn’t want to hurt me it just didn’t want to be on its own.


Then I had a dream about two rivers. One was vibrant blue, like you’d want to swim in, and the other one wasn’t.

4 thoughts on “Dream #30

  1. Sorry, but I laughed at the polar bear. Not as much spitting as the “Hitler as a hermaphrodite” but, honestly, I don’t think anything is ever going to top that one.

    I always had a dream my mom would leave me in the car when she was going to the bank and then she’d forget to use the parking brake and I’d roll out into the street. Hrm. Stopped having it when I was like, 10. Damn dreams are weird….

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