Slave to the wage

So I just bought a navy pant suit for my upcoming job interviews. I’m not gonna lie, I’m very excited to wear it. Even buying it was quite the experience… the umming and ahhing at the till, do I want to pay 5p for a carrier bag? (There’s a carrier bag charge in Wales.) But no, no… the assistant says, here, have a FREE suit bag. Ok then. Heck I might even go into Caffe Nero and buy a hot chocolate to take out, in a paper cup, like you see people doing. People in suits.

Will they let me into Burger King in my pant suit? Will they force me to go to Jamie’s Italian instead?

Will the homeless guy expect me to buy The Big Issue?

I don’t really care if I get the job. I’m just going to walk around in my suit with my cup of hot chocolate.

Yes, that’s right, I am a very important, productive member of society. You may bow down to me now…

PLACEBO – ‘Slave to the wage’ YouTube

17 thoughts on “Slave to the wage

  1. LOL this is a great post and the picture you paint is so true! I’ll be right back, I need to go put my skirt suit on and grab some cocoa (also in a paper cup). catch up with ya later :p

  2. Never had a job interview. H-school feels like one daily though.

    I want to get a job, as awful as it is (well, I don’t wanna be a closet whipper so not THAT awful!) but I’m still not 18 so my mom says no, “you aren’t gonna sell in a grocery store of whatever, you’re better than that” I donno if she agrees with me having a job while I go to collage (if I can affort it somehow) but I’ll get one if the country’s economy allows it. Anything. Because of family problems mostly. I won’t write a looong comment about that here but point is, I’m dead scared even if a bit wanting cuz I don’t want it from the soul, I want it from the disperation of my soul. Kinda screwed up thing, huh?

    What are ya applying for? Sorry, you might’ve said it but my brain is in a very fried state at the moment and I don’t think a suit is related to that food–fast-fang thing (what did I just type?) but I donno how’s the thing over there. Ah, my head.

    • Do whatever makes you happy! No one wants to work, but it gives a sense of purpose and some whining rights. It might do you good to get out and start experiencing the drudgery of normal working life (at least, it did me some good). I started working as soon as I could because I had to save for college, ironically in a grocery store. Do inform your mother that there is nothing wrong with that to start off with. She can’t argue too much! 😉

      • Mom’s my best friend and I state that proudly. And mom’s are moms, no matter how open minded they try to be. I really want to go the design route but that is hard to do in my country. I wouldn’t mind a side job anywhere for the chat, fun, and sorta stable income. The economy is really low so nobody would hire even a pro in any field though.
        Still, I will do my best and work it out somehow. You could be my first *free* customers. XDD I’m outta shape though.
        This isn’t my blog so imma take my troubles and run off. Still thank you for the advice. 🙂
        Back on topic, if ya can, snap a picture at that suit, I’m curious now. XD

  3. I know how it feels, and I miss that feeling of being able to dress up and arrive. Blend into the crowd, in your work wear as you look like everyone else on their way. Out of the work force now, ever since getting laid off. So I work an ultra small biz instead. Still miss the job route though…

  4. I just wrote this freaking mile long comment for this even quoting shakrespear and shit and then I click post and my Pc freezes and I have to reload the page and it’s gone. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not doing it all over again. It was a good comment; women look awesome in suits; I’m jealous cause I don’t an an opportunity to wear one; people treat you better when you look smart; and some other stuff but I forgot.

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