Dream #33

Went to meal at ex Mother-In-Law’s house. Percy, my sister, Lea, Sue, Mum B.

I asked what they wanted to drink but couldn’t find the glasses. My sister found them. I found a can of Coke in the cupboard with a crushed / misshapen top.

My sister kept trying to touch my arm. I got really stressed and left quite rudely without saying goodbye.

I went on a train. I left my bag by the side of the seat in front. A kind man picked it up and gave it to me. He said “Keep this close because the girls were looking in it.” When he gave it to me the zip was undone but I wasn’t too bothered because my phone and wallet were in my pocket.

Then I was walking through town (Aberdare). I wanted to buy bread from the bakery but the only one was a pack of 3 loaves and I didn’t want that many. I looked at the pre-made sandwiches but the ham looked a funny colour. So I left empty handed.

Walking home I saw Ian Watkins from Lostprophets. I called him a pervert. He turned around and luckily thought someone else had said it to him, not me, but I was worried for a second. Then I walked past a group of policemen.

When I got home there was a sculpture of a Moomin carved into the wall. I said excitedly to my dad “Love the Moomin!”

Then my mum asked if I had any ketchup. I said I had some in the car, so she said in that case, we’ll have chips for tea and sent my sister down the chippy. She got a large bag of chips between us and I was annoyed because I wanted a whole bag to myself.

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