Dream #34 – Anxiety

Had a dream I overslept and missed my interview. Was at my gran’s house in Leicester. My gran (the other gran) climbed into bed with me and hugged me. I knew it was her even though I was half asleep because I felt her wrinkly hands.

Then I woke up at 1.30pm. I was mad at L because I’d asked her to make sure I was up at 8am.

I wondered whether to ring and ask to reschedule the interview. I was wondering what excuse to make and thought I’d just be honest and say I’d overslept.

But then my phone rang and the woman asked if I could come in for the interview instead on Monday as they were ‘dry.’

Then I woke up with a start covered in sweat. It was actually 5am.


11 thoughts on “Dream #34 – Anxiety

  1. Dreams are weird – some of them are so believable – there is this moment of reality where you need to figure out what really is the case…anyway, glad it all turned out in the end!

    • I think it went very well although I haven’t heard from them yet. I don’t think I was particularly anxious about the interview itself, just about getting up in time for it! 🙂 I have sleep issues lol.

      • haha 🙂 are you an insomniac at some level?

        I am, for sure, its not the falling asleep initially but I often wake up 1-2 times overnight and THEN can’t fall asleep, thoughts racing, resulting in trouble the next morning. it goes in cycles.

        • Yes definitely, a couple of weeks ago I had this thing where I would only sleep every other night. I did stayed up all one night and thought, sod it, I’ll stay up till the next night because then I’ll be really tired and sleep well. I did. But it seemed like my body got used to sleeping every other night after that then. It was madness. Usually it’s not that I don’t sleep, I just sleep all day and am awake all night. Back to front, if you will. However lately, it’s more like you describe, waking up every couple of hours or so. I’ve never really slept well. I have Ulcerative Colitis so am on a myriad of drugs for that and I don’t think they help. Not to mention if I’m in a flare I’m up all night going back and forth to the loo anyway lol.

            • I asked my doc, he said he didn’t want to put me on sleeping pills because they’re very addictive. He put me on a low dose of mirtazapine which is an antidepressant but in low doses acts to help you sleep. The first week or so it was great, worked really well, but then it slowly stopped working and I got really really fat so I gave up on that one lol!

              • if it stays bad you might want to revisit it… I have serious insomnia that comes in bouts – 4-6 weeks really bad 4-6 weeks no problems. I haven’t found the pills to be addictive, but I am very careful never to use them more than 2 nights in a row, and never at all when my insomnia is not cycling up. just a thought. Either way, I hope you find a way through this and get back to a reasonable sleep cycle 🙂

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