Dream #37

Had dream was taking photos in the back garden of my 4 grandparents. (3 now deceased IRL.) It was an unfamiliar garden.

They were dancing. It was sunny.

My gran tried to give me a fiver for a ‘bridge fine’ I had yearly (for driving over a bridge wrongly or illegally or something.) I said I didn’t want to send it to them and remind them because the likelihood is that they had forgotten about it anyway.

Then my gran asked if I wanted chocolate pudding.

Then she keeled over and radiohead played on the tape deck.

I awoke to a song in my head, ‘Bluebell got all the jokes.’ (Never heard such a song IRL.)


Went to sleep 4am after consuming much alcohol.

Woke 8.15am.

4 thoughts on “Dream #37

  1. Dance like the ancestors and put the camera DOWN, just stop crossing over the water and dive in for the full experience (the fiver), like chocolate (ecstasy?), true blue ringin’ your bell.

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