Dream #44 – “Hit him in the eye with the cork end”

Was in Boots (chemist).

Needed the toilet.

There was a toilet just outside the door.

When I got in the toilet it was actually a bus. So I was weeing in front of all the passengers.

The bus was going to Cwmdare.

A.J. and her mam got on the bus, I hid because I was embarrassed.

Then I fell asleep on the floor in front of the toilet.

The bus stopped at some depot, in Hirwaun supposedly, and I had to get off, although I didn’t recognise it and had no idea where I was.

Then I had to walk back to Cardiff as I had no money.


Next I was in a house having a fight with some intruders. I waited in the kitchen with a wine bottle ready to hit a guy on the head. I decided it may be more effective if I hit him in the eye with the cork end.

7 thoughts on “Dream #44 – “Hit him in the eye with the cork end”

  1. The cork end? Your dreams…as for the erotics of pissing etc, well no more to say….er well there is, the bus turned back into a toilet and you fell asleep outside it…and the bus stayed there?

    Anyway, I have nominated you for what I call the truncated Versatile blogger award….in honour of you I have given you no one spot which means you nominate just one further blogger…but still tell me and well, everyone another 7 things about yourself. Well, these dreams are fine actually…7 dreams please! http://writingthebody.wordpress.com/

    • Lol!!! 7 more things??? Really. Wow. I’m running out of things to say lol.

      And as for the dreams, they all go up, as I remember them. I had one more last night in fact.

      But thank you :)))

      I will try and rack my brains and come up with…. something!

    • Oh and nearly forgot to say, the bus didn’t turn back into a toilet. The toilet was just in the place of a regular seat on the bus. So I fell asleep on the floor of the bus, in front of the ‘toilet / seat’ lol.

      In case that makes a blind bit of difference! 🙂

      • O details always do, especially most especially in dreams….and you were on the bus which, I guess by the stage of waking was at the terminus….perhaps.

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