Dream #46

Was sleeping with a “straight” woman in secret.

(Explicit sex scenes.) “Yeah scrape it.”

Found out she was sleeping with a guy.

I was ok about it at first.

I was laughing at her, she was funny. (Something unrelated.)

But then I threw her laundry airer (with clothes on) upside down.

Me: “How the fuck do you think it made me feel?”

She tipped her cup of tea over the laundry (trying to catch it).

Her: “Oh shit, my bra.”

Her to me: “You were just a bit of fun, guy has sperm.”

Me “You can buy fucking sperm off the internet you know!”

I go into the living room.

Lie face down on the sofa, cry.

(One leg on, one leg off the sofa.)

My mum said “I heard her arguing.”

I said “She was arguing with me. She’d been sleeping with me all day yesterday and today.”

My mum said “Oh. She’d been sleeping with me too.”

Me: “WTF?”

Mum: “Actually, not her. My mistake. It was some old guy I slept with (Aged 85). It was about 4 years ago.

11 thoughts on “Dream #46

  1. I cannot get over how detailed your dreams are! And how they actually make sense. My goodness I wish I had dreams like that!

    And your mum is back (in your dreams I mean)…a kind of mum-rival – interesting…. you are exploring deep terrain here!

  2. So much stuff going on there considering the synchronicity post right before it. You probably know more or less what it means. I think you’re good with dreams now.

      • Well I don’t want to say too much publicly … I’m just looking at the key points, e.g. themes, emotions, characters. People we don’t really know are usually an aspect of ourselves. And things you noticed like “one leg on, one leg off” (on the fence? undecided? or, two things at the same time?) You could probably do a quick list and pick up on things. Male-female conflict is present again. Some sorrow. Your mum. That’s all I’ll say and you can delete this in moderation if you like. In the end, you will have the best insight.

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