6 thoughts on “Synchronicity

  1. My goodness…and these are your arrows….I guess I would draw a different map….for me the arrows are more like going all over the place – one thing leads to two or three others and then they cross over. But then I could not draw it here. And I am afraid there is such a thing as coincidence…..maybe there is only that….and that is ok. Or maybe it is not.

    Funny I do not care for Jung. There is some kind of social unconscious – we are like a hive of insects and we are driven to do such instinct stuff. I guess I wonder where sexualities like ours fit into that though. Are there, you know, masochistic ants? Or, as you called me, male lesbian ants? And what do they wear when they go out? These are the questions I ask myself. And Carl. I would ask him too if he were here. Actually I wouldn’t. I am too shy. Sometimes I am not shy. I think I contradicted myself. Anyway, it has been nice talking in this way on your blog…..I love the way you forgive me that…..

  2. 🙂 I guess it absolves me of any responsibility. Comforting if anything! Something else is in control… kind of masochism for the soul.

    As for the masochistic male lesbian ants… I’m not sure they wear clothes? How would they get dressed with those fragile little legs?

    I’m sure Carl would have a better answer…

  3. They’d have lingerie sort of lacey things. Like that famous expression – big ants have little ants on their backs to bite ’em, little ants have littler ants – and so on ad infinitum, I forget who said it….but well, now I said it too.

  4. Good grief. I almost fell off my chair when I saw my name up there! I was like, holy cow, she’s written some kind of important looking post about Jung and synchronicity and it’s got my name in it!! LOL. But not to make light of it, I think that’s amazing. I mean, I do remember meeting you and you seem to have come along pretty far on your journey. Of course, as they remind us in our workshops, we are all a “work in progress” and always will be, so not to be too hard on ourselves. I’m still very much on my own journey. There may be wobbles or back-steps or stalling from time to time, but self-understanding can only ever be a good thing, in my opinion. 🙂 xx

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