3 thoughts on “Ant wearing lacey lingerie

  1. Well! I am in luck today….and have you really drawn that on your body? By goodness me….7th heaven happening here, sort of. Where is that anyway? I might reblog this I think….

  2. Reblogged this on writingthebody and commented:
    Rebecca and I were wondering about ants. It started when she said I was a male lesbian (kind of). Then in synchronicities she posted on ants….and I replied among other things, with this – There is some kind of social unconscious – we are like a hive of insects and we are driven to do such instinct stuff. I guess I wonder where sexualities like ours fit into that though. Are there, you know, masochistic ants? Or, as you called me, male lesbian ants? And what do they wear when they go out? These are the questions I ask myself….
    And now she has drawn me a lovely picture!!!

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