Dream #47

I was in Burger King with a massive suitcase. Then I left and was going to go up in the lift in the shopping centre to the 1st floor as I wanted to go to the toilet and change my tampax.

I saw my driving instructor going up the stairs, said hello.

The lift was jam-packed so I didn’t get in at first as I thought the suitcase was too big, but someone held the door open and I got in, there was more than enough room. But instead of going to the 1st floor the lift went up to the 32nd.

We got out and it was this shopping centre with expensive make-up. I was still dragging the massive suitcase and the shop assistant said to me “If you need a shower after travelling, there is a whole row of showers over there.”

So I went to where she had pointed thinking there would be a toilet, but there wasn’t, there were just shower sections. A Jewish shower section, a Christian one, a Buddhist one. But no toilet, so I carried on walking out of the shop.

When I got out of the shop it was a mountain-side. I was with my mum at this point. I said “I really need to change my tampax.” It was half-term so there were children everywhere.

I walked off by myself in search of a toilet. I walked through this series of 3 rooms or so. There were babies on beds, loads of beds. I felt uncomfortable as if the woman looking after the babies was wondering what I was doing there. I just walked through with my suitcase. There was a baby on the floor, I had to be careful not to run over it.

Then I was out on the mountain-side again and I rejoined my mum. There was a pub over yonder so we walked towards it, hoping to find me a toilet. On the way there was a row of wooden portaloos, I opened the door to one, but there wasn’t a toilet in it, or anything in fact. This guy appeared and he was very keen to allow me to use the ‘toilet.’ I thought, well that might be ok if I just needed a wee, but I really need to change my tampax. I told the guy this, he said “Sure, go on.” But I didn’t want to. I said to my mum “He doesn’t get it, does he. I’d need something to wrap my tampax in at least.”

So we carried on walking on the mountain-side. Then the sea overcame us and we had to swim back up to escape it. My mum was getting in my way. There was a guy swimming up too, about the same speed as us. I thought I’d be swimming faster if my mum wasn’t in my way.

When we got back to the mountain I said “Sod it. I’m going to the pub. There’s bound to be a toilet in there, even if they make us buy a drink.”

My mum said “Ok.”

10 thoughts on “Dream #47

  1. Love this. And there is your mum again….and again in a sexually ambiguous relation to you. Is she a rival?

    And the quest for a toilet….god that part sounds like everyday life….and the morphing scenes, well that happens in dreams. I think the mind flicks on sort of thing. The ends of your dreams are really rather narrative in nature – you close out with a drink in the pub, and no real problem at all….I love reading these….:)

        • Hope London is going well….and that you are not completely overwhelmed with flu. Have fun…just missing your words a little!.

          • 🙂 Am back and luckily, somehow, my non-existent immune system has miraculously fended off my man-cold (whatever it was).

            Perhaps the London smog has hidden sinus-clearing powers. Maybe it was the day spent in bed watching television and eating chocolate biscuits. Either which way, much better now thanks 😉

      • Take care of that head….it keeps me endlessly entertained! I never quite know what you will say next! And look after that cold of yours….you should be asleep!

  2. So much rich imagery in your dreams …
    Apparently you have the flu. I’m so sorry, what a pain! 😦 Take care of yourself and rest as much as possible! xx

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