Attitudes to illness. To our own illness.

Healthy person: My tongue is spontaneously bleeding. That’s strange. I’d better go to the doctor and get it checked out.


Person with Ulcerative Colitis on immunosuppressants: My tongue is spontaneously bleeding. That’s strange. Oh well, I will have a tin of pineapple I’m sure that will make it better.


Healthy person: It hurts quite a lot, I hope the doctor can give me something to fix it.


Person with Ulcerative Colitis on immunosuppressants: It doesn’t hurt that much in the scheme of things. I can’t be bothered to go to the doctors again, that will mean getting dressed, dealing with the evil receptionist and the doctor who already thinks I’m a hypochondriac. Taking yet more drugs with yet more contraindications. This pineapple is really nice.

10 thoughts on “Attitudes to illness. To our own illness.

  1. Brilliant post. I can tell that you were definitely not watching Hollyoaks while writing this. Sorry about your tongue. 😦 Don’t bother replying; I know you have stuff going on. Take it easy. xx P.S. If your tongue is still bleeding tomorrow, might want to go and see the doctor despite it being a grand pain in the arse. Just tell the receptionist that you need to talk to God, and she will burn in hell if she gets in your way. 😉 Goodnight!

      • Oh well in that case, my guy (doctor guy) needs a different tee shirt – STAY CALM. I am NOT God. I am just a GP. Enjoy your show! And don’t reply! I know you don’t want to! LOL. Night!

        • LMAO. That would make such a good present for your friend. I should get some printed to take down the local surgery!

          The one for Doctor Thomas would say “I am a bitch. And I know everything.”

          Doctor Owen “I smoke in my room and ask you highly inappropriate questions about your sex life that are not at all relevant to your query, I also tell you things about your partner that are supposed to be confidential really. I just love to see a lesbian shit storm. In fact, I am a closet lesbian.” and on the back “Your partner’s increase in prolactin levels, well, either she jogs with a sports bra or you have been excessively sucking her breasts. And she tells me she doesn’t jog with a sports bra.”

          Dr Davies “Ah you have Ulcerative Colitis. You know what that means, it means your bowel is bleeding and you need to have regular blood tests.” Me “No shit Sherlock.”

          Dr Williams “I am very young and very thorough and highly concerned and have the makings of a good doctor, apart from I will call in Dr Thomas who will teach me to palm you off with nothing and when you have left the room she will tell me that you are a hypochondriac and to ignore everything you say.”

          • I’m very sorry … but thank you for giving me a good laugh over breakfast!

            “… I am a closet lesbian” LOL.

  2. Yeah. I took birth control to regulate my period and almost ended up in the ER when I had an allergic reaction. I called the office and asked for a different kind of BC, and they told me to take it with food.

    I’ll show you where you can shove your medical advice, and it won’t be with food. -_- Find a different doctor if you need to sweetie. Might be a side effect of one of your meds. And doctors can be real assholes no matter the circumstances.

    But those T-shirts… hilarious. Feel better and get some sleep!

    • Thanks hun. I might have to ask my doctor about birth control if I’m going to be pursuing any man-meat cravings lol.

      And as for switching doctors, unfortunately this bunch are the better of two evils, believe it or not. I was at a different surgery in Cardiff before and the standard of care was appalling, that’s if you could even get an appointment. I think it’s just a matter of grin and bear it and try and stand up to their bullshit.

      My consultant and IBD nurse (specialist care for UC at the hospital) are brilliant though. Nothing is ever too much trouble. So at least I have that route and can sometimes avoid going to the GP 🙂

  3. I like how your response is longer than the original post…but I do think the pineapple has a lot going for it. Mind you it will make your tongue sting.

    I hate going to the doctor….o I hate it. The one I have now thinks I am a hobo. The last one told me off, well sort of, for being slack. And when he looked up my record that he got from God knows where, he said “you have not taken any antibiotics. When was the last time you took antibiotics?” I said, well, ages ago. Like 8 years ago. And then he said, “Well , why not?” And I said because I didn’t have anything wrong with me….and that I did not like them. So he prescribed some which I bought, but did not take. For my ear. But I knew it would get better by itself, and it did.

    On the other hand, I love basic painkillers….I think I take them even when I am not in pain. Well, that is really boring. God why can’t I have dreams like you Rebecca?

    • Good for you… and very sensible! Overuse of antibiotics is making them effectiveless bit by bit. And doctors prescribing them willy nilly! Gets right on my….

      Ahh painkillers. Unfortunately (big bummer) the only thing I can take now is paracetamol, which is rubbish. Not supposed to take NSAIDs or codeine… as they aggravate the colitis. So basically I am just in pain pretty much all the time, well, not all the time, but when I am in pain, I am in pain lol.

      • I hate that kind of pain…you may need to do more chemical research….some analgesics don’t do the inflamation thing. Maybe just get stoned. I don’t know.

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