Tentatively changing boxes – call it an experiment

Me yesterday

Me yesterday

Changed to this, today.

Changed to this, today.

Fit girl's profile. She doesn't want me now. (Or she would have ticked 'Interested in meeting Bi-woman'. Yesterday was fine, not today. Okay. Whatevs.

Fit girl’s profile. She doesn’t want me now. (Or she would have ticked ‘Interested in meeting Bi-woman’.) Yesterday was fine, not today. Okay. Whatevs.

New target audience: Curious ladies (usually bi), bi-couples (M+F), Open-minded gay girls.

New target audience: Curious ladies (usually bi), bi-couples (M+F), Open-minded gay girls.

What a palaver. Let’s call it dipping my toes in the water. Not sure I want to jump onto a “Straight” dating site. Oh my word, what a scary prospect.

Where is the dating site for homoflexible females and sensitive men who find lesbian qualities attractive? And what would you even call it? I don’t mean like “lesbian qualities” as in your average male fantasy qualities, I mean REAL lesbian qualities, like wearing flat shoes and hoodies, even on a night out, watching the Ellen DeGeneres show…

Am I going to scare men off if I talk about pegging on a first date?

This might well prove to be a very stupid idea, but I guess you don’t know unless you try…

5 thoughts on “Tentatively changing boxes – call it an experiment

  1. Most men I have met seem totally fascinated and turned on by the fact I have slept with women. I don’t think it will put people off, it might attract a few wierdos though…

  2. Well, one of my philosophies in life is to “follow the arrows”. We often feel a tug in a certain direction, in which case (assuming we’re not breaking any laws or hurting anyone) I think we won’t be satisfied until we’ve gone over there and had a look. We might decide that we like it and want to stay, or we might try something else. Either way, it will offer new opportunities and experiences which makes life interesting.

    Finding a man who likes you in flat shoes and a hoodie … yes, we can generalise about men and what they like, but really they are just as different and varied as women are. There will be men around who love that look. I followed a trending topic in Twitter recently about what people find attractive. I was surprised by how many, MANY, men (in their 20s and 30s mostly) were saying that they are tired of women who wear skin tight clothes, miniskirts, high heels and makeup. They were asking “Where are the women who like to dress casually? Who don’t wear makeup? Who aren’t afraid to wear their hair back?” I mean, I knew these guys exist, but they accounted for a huge percentage, more than half I reckon, of the guys who were tweeting about it.

    And as a woman who’s always been straight and is way older than you, so I have a bit of experience with regards to what men seem to like, I have probably had more men hit on me when I’ve been “dressed down”. Sometimes I just stare at them like, “What???” I’m standing there wearing baggy pants, flat ugly shoes, boring top, cap (to hide the fact that I haven’t washed my hair) and sunglasses (to hide the complete lack of makeup). I’ve been told I look “sporty”. On what planet? That is not how I dress when I do sports! LOL.

    In the early days when I was dating G, (and making damn sure that I looked my prettiest all the time), I bumped into him once when I was out shopping (looking as I just described above). I was horrified but managed to play it cool. He was grinning and said, “Oh wow, now if I had never seen you before today, I would definitely hit on you right now.” And he was dead serious. No idea why, but there you go. A lot of men like that look.

    Oh yes, one other guy (before I met G) said that he was attracted to me *because* I didn’t dress like I thought I was “super-guapa” (meaning “super-beautiful” in Spanish). He said he couldn’t stand those girls with their sexy clothes, high heels, big hair and makeup who walk around behaving like divas. I admit, I was going through a frumpy phase where I wasn’t interested in dating so again – really, really, really short hair, extra baggy pants with string at the waist, baggy tee shirts, flat sandals, no makeup. And this was the look that attracted him to me. And he was “rather fit” as you would say. So, moral of the story – there is a man for every woman. Might not be the first guy to come along, but there’s a guy to match every type of woman.

    Good luck and have fun. We can’t get anything in life without trying! 🙂

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