Dream #51

I was doing an autopsy on a guy. I was part of some sort of criminal gang.

I went to sleep in the autopsy room.

The guy woke up, from the dead.

He started feeling me up. I resisted at first, I said, no, you have a girlfriend.

But we had sex. He took me from behind. He came. I wasn’t ‘finished’ so was playing with myself and he said “Do you want me to rub my c*** on your c***.” (I don’t know why I’m bothering with the asterisks lol.) So he did. And I came.

Then his girlfriend who was in the room too woke up. I was going to go with them (we were criminals on the run) but decided to stay at home with my mum. I made sure I had my passport with me.

Then I was sick in the toilet.


Prior to that I was hiding from my sister. For some reason she was going to kill me. I ran into a pub / bar where people were dancing, took my t-shirt off and started to dance with some other people on the podium. All the while looking anxiously to see if my sister would come in the door. She did. I escaped. Then I climbed up onto a window ledge and hoped she would walk past in the street below and not notice me. I was utterly terrified.


Before that there was a dream about a changing room, like in a swimming pool, with lockers. And Jen from Hollyoaks was there.

8 thoughts on “Dream #51

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  2. Goodness me, how did I miss this? Sex with the dead guy (the meat goes off Rebecca, unless stored properly), but the really interesting thing is…..mum is here too. And you were sick in the loo, but is that because of the gf turning up? And your sister here too….and I nearly asked why you took your tshirt off, but then remembered it was a dream, so there is not usually a reason.

    And you definitely need your passport on you at ALL times if you are staying with your mum….:)

      • Disguise….interesting! I thought that would be where the “real you” was found. But actually, as strange as it may sound (and this is utterly not about you, I promise, esp as I have no images of you anyway), humans are the only animals that look better with their clothes on…..And to go back to the disguise idea, our clothes reveal our reality. As that interesting man, Martin Heidegger put it somewhere, ever act of revealing is also an act of concealing – and vice versa.

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