Tag Award

Thank you to John at writingthebody for this.





I’m being naughty again and not nominating people, but I’ll answer your questions, as I just love answering questions. Although the last one was a bit hard lol.

Oh and here is a picture, am I supposed to put a picture, going along with the pink flower theme. It’s one I took, it was just on the floor in my street and I thought it looked so pretty with the rain. (I’m not going to say it looks like a moist vulva. Oops just did. If a bit brighter perhaps…)





1. What is the nicest thing anyone ever said to you or about you?

My sixth form teacher Mrs Cole, when she was writing my end of year personality thing whatever it is, she said I had a ‘quiet sense of humour.’ Which I thought was a nice thing to say.

2.  What is the best thing about your blog ( I mean yours!) ?

The best thing about my blog is that I can be myself totally, and show all my insecurities, fears, and not have the worry that the person I am ‘telling’ it to isn’t interested, because people can choose whether it interests them or not and whether they want to read and respond to a particular post.

3. What is the worst thing about my blog (mine, that is)?

The worst thing about John’s blog is… lol… um that he feels he needs to keep it ‘separate’, you know ‘private’ from his true identity and that it worries him to be found out, because his blog clearly shows him to be a wonderful, interesting, clever person with a kind and generous heart. Having said that, I do completely understand, and wish mine was completely anonymous in many ways, as I do find myself curbing what I’m saying, or worrying about what I post, and whether it will affect people’s judgement of me.

4.  In descending order from the best to worst rate these five things:

a) fine chocolate, b) fine wine, c) fine sex, d) fine bdsm (no sex), e) deep kindness of some random stranger to you

Best e) deep kindness of random stranger

c) fine sex

d) fine bdsm (no sex)

b) fine wine

Worst  a) fine chocolate

5.  If I asked you to spit on me, would you, now that you know me?

I probably would, if we were in a sexual scenario together, and you really wanted me to. But not if we were just meeting for coffee in a coffee shop or something lol.

6.  Favourite brand new song

This question has two meanings to me. Because my favourite band is called ‘Brand New’ lol. I’m sure that’s not what you meant… but anyway here is a favourite Brand New song. It’s a favourite not my favourite… because how can you pick a favourite song from a band where every song is your favourite? That’s why they’re you’re favourite band. Anyway. I’m rambling. This is Jesse Lacey the lead singer doing an acoustic version of it.

Brand New – Degausser (Acoustic)

7.  If you can remember a dream, tell it to us

This is my latest… (click me)

8. Favourite movie of the last 12 months

Um. Drive. Is that in the last 12 months? Well, I watched it within the last 12. I don’t really go to the cinema or watch new movies. Too expensive.

9.  Have you ever enjoyed pain?  Explain a little

Yes.  When I was younger I would burn myself on lightbulbs and quite enjoyed the stinging sensation. Also have memories of ‘fingernailing’ my gums, that is quite a pleasant sort of pain. Sexually, yes. That too. Also sometimes I play my guitar until my fingers hurt and quite enjoy that in a way, although sometimes it is frustrating because it hurts too much and becomes unbearable so I find it difficult to carry on. Also, hair plucking, can be quite painful but I do it because I find it relaxing.

10.  last time you remember noticing that you were really happy or serene….where were you?

Oh good God. Ask a hard question why don’t you. Well, it wasn’t on holiday with my parents in Cyprus, although it was quite relaxing lying in the sun in the pool, floating about on a lilo… I wouldn’t say I was happy or serene as such, as there is an underlying stress being there. Probably out dancing, being a bit drunk, in the lesbian bar. No, not really, because I was quite stressed at how much I felt I was turning bi lol. Um… ok, when my friend Jo came over Christmas, probably then. Because she is so much fun to hang out with. And she makes me laugh hysterically. So then.

11. Are you mostly a happy person?

No. Not at the moment lol. Not at all.

12. Do you know what love is (and if you do, explain it)?

Do I know what love is. Um. The concept of love annoys me a bit. I know what it means to care about someone. I know what it means to lust after someone. I know that I love my ex. And tell her regularly. Because I do. But not in a way of ‘true love’ because I think I am a bit too selfish to ‘love truly’ but I do it in my own way. I also love my parents and my sister. And some of my friends. What is love? Baby don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me, no more. Okay I don’t know. I’ve given up and am clearly quoting song lyrics.

7 thoughts on “Tag Award

  1. Goodness me, I love your answers….just love them. And you are so kind to me…and I keep typing dots. the pain comments…so funny how specific our inventions of pain are – I have never heard of nor thought of hurting my gums. I am having a nipple clamp phase at the moment (no, not now, I have nothing like that on now), and seeing how long I can stand it. Like self indexation. And then otehr answers too….No spitting over coffee…fair enough, though intrigued as to why not (though that can be fun and funny). Actually being spat on in a drunken situation is pretty funny too – that is my most fun and spontaneous space. And the song, well, good on you…I never think of puns like that…but well done. and the question on love was one I was asked and could not answer properly…you did better than me. As you do as a rule!

    • Lol ok then… I’ll spit on you, as it’s you, you understand. I don’t think I would do that for just anyone 😉 lol. And you would probably ask so politely it would be hard to refuse… I imagine.

      • yes – otherwise I would start getting manipulative..daring you and whatnot….actually I do not do that anymore….but you made me wonder for a sec.

        I will just hold to the idea that you would do it out of kindness to me….

  2. Great post, great answers and interesting questions. Thought up by John, I assume. I like those awards where you get to make up your own questions. I have a weird love of asking and answering questions. (Interesting questions.) Even the spitting thing was interesting. It made me remember the one time (I think) where someone did actually spit on me – right in my face.

    Number 1 was very interesting. I’m just guessing, but considering the culture/age/generation of your teacher, she may have been referring to the fact that your sense of humour is sarcastic or “dry”. Have you not found that it’s rather different from most Brits? Or are most people your age leaning towards dry wit/sarcasm these days? I think traditionally, UK humour has usually been crude and/or slap-stick, which would make dry humour seem “quiet”. I’ve always been a huge fan of sarcasm, but that’s because I grew up watching American TV and films where that kind of humour is far more prevalent. Of course, I could be entirely wrong about all of that; it’s just an idea as to why she chose the word “quiet”. So interesting.

    Personally I think the best things about your blog are that it is so diverse, full of surprises, incredibly funny much of the time, and that you are so genuine. I know you can’t reveal everything, but that’s not the same as being phony. I sometimes have to hold things back around certain people; but even if they’re only seeing 50% of me, it’s still 50% of authenticity rather than fakery.

    And love is difficult to define. At least you don’t romanticise it; it’s far more complex than that. It might even change for every different person that we love …

    Very interesting as always!

    • Yes I have been told I have a dry sense of humour… perhaps that’s what she meant lol.

      And thank you. I mean, yes I am genuine… I struggle to not be. Not that I would want to not be, but sometimes I just wish I could not be LOL. I am not making much sense… anyway…

      Yes, love is difficult to define. I think I know more of ‘attachment’ than love, which I perhaps thought was love… but now beginning to understand it is not quite the same thing.

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