Dream #52

I was asked to look after a class in the art room. My peers. Had to put angels on the table for sale and wear a namebadge. I put clothes and stuff in a bag to prepare and gave the bag to the art teacher. He gave it back to me and there was a namebadge on my hoodie. They were all assigned their seats. I sat at the front. Emily noticed a ring on my engagement finger and said “Do you have news?” expectantly. I replied “Oh no, I usually wear it on my right hand but my fingers got too fat and it doesn’t fit on that hand any more.”

Then I was in a swimming pool, with my peers again. And two crocodiles came and pushed me and Joanne around by their snouts. We stayed as still as possible and tried not to struggle, hoping they would leave us alone without eating us. Two guys rescued us. Then everyone else got out of the pool but me, and my maths teacher Mr Roberts was on the side and I had to collect CDs and stuff out of the pool. Well, I didn’t have to, but I did, and he said thank you.

When I got out of the pool the top half of my legs were really hairy, like patches of black, like a gorilla and I thought I wish I’d shaved my legs lol.

Back to the art room. They had to do paintings. When they were done the paintings weren’t quite dry so I swooshed them over with a big paintbrush. My peers were mad that I had spoiled their paintings, a guy got especially mad and ripped a painting up. It was his painting, but there were two to a sheet, and it was attached to someone else’s lime green painting. I said “Put that back, it’s not yours to rip up.”

Then the art teacher came, she said “What’s going on?” I explained and we looked together for the lime painting but couldn’t find it. She said she would sort it out. So I packed up my things which was confusing as I couldn’t remember what was mine and what was the school’s stationary. Then I was putting a magazine in my bag and Mrs Lewis (the art teacher) said “No we’ll keep that, it’s reference material.” I said “Oh” And handed it to her. And she explained they only have magazines with happy articles in them, and they are quite rare to come across, so this was very special.

I left. Came back for something. She had sorted out the table and the gap on the table by using a fancy projector that changed the images around to fill all the spaces.

3 thoughts on “Dream #52

  1. OK I have to restrict myself to 7 things by my law of seven:
    1. Mum is gone….good.
    2. Emily, Mr Roberts, Mrs Lewis – very specific…sounds real. Are these real people (as opposed to unreal or surreal people, or dream people, or even dream pimples?). Very located.
    3. The ending is a bit intriguing…did you leave a bit out….and can you tell us what it is you left out….or if not, what that fragment after you came back means?
    4. OK, you put angels out on the table. I must admit I think of angels as 7 or 8 feet tall…..how did you get them on the table…”I don’t care whether it rains or freezes, as long as I got my plastic jesus”
    5. What was the name on the name badge – your name…what does it mean to wear badges, I wonder.
    6. It is true that happy articles are rare…so this is interesting too, as they only have that kind of article
    7. Well,the hair….sexual in a Burt Lancaster and 1970s man-meat kind of way….but it was on you, maybe in you……intriguing. I think. Or not. Anyway, my 7 is up, and I cannot put the other things….like the green lime for instance.

    Love your dreams…wish I could have your dreams. I woke from a crapper the other day and thought, goodness why can’t I have Rebecca’s dreams…..actually, I just thought, well, I don’t know what I thought…..

    • 2. Yes all people from my Secondary school, except Emily who was from Primary school so she is in fact in the wrong place (She went to the Catholic school instead of the regular grammar one). Mrs Lewis, my art teacher. I never actually took art. She died recently of breast cancer, she was a lovely lovely woman. Such a shame. And she always used to tease me because I ended up in an artistic career after being so adamantly science for so long. Mr Roberts was my maths teacher for a few terms, did geometry.

      3. No, didn’t leave anything out. Exactly how I remember it. What does the last fragment mean? Well, I suppose somebody has sorted out my mess… not sure how that translates to real life.

      4. Lol. My last job was working as a stained glass artist and we used to sell Guardian Angels, they were one of our most popular items but they took bloody forever to make, so weren’t particularly profitable. They were probably about 9cm high including the halo… so can fit a fair few on a table 😉

      5. I presume it was my name. Perhaps it’s about identity, I don’t know.

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