Dream #54

I only wrote down key words. Now am having trouble remembering. OK it was quite long.

Something about I was working for a company. There were like 4 of us in the room, with a desk each. I was supposed to do some work for them and would be able to continue with my own projects and use their facilities as well.

Something, something. The boss lady instructed me to do something. So I went outside, did what she said, something about a metal thing that, it was like a handle, it was awkward, so I bent it, turned it from curved to straight.

Came back to the office. Boss lady spoke to me in a very rude manner. Basically claimed she didn’t tell me to do what she had, and because of it, I had risked setting the place on fire. I didn’t know what she was on about. Said there was no fire or sparks. I went and sat back down at my desk. After a few minutes I got back up and said “I’m not putting up with this. I don’t deserve to be treated this way, and the way you spoke to me is unacceptable.” And I resigned. Everyone else was listening and I said I was sorry, and I had enjoyed working with the team very much, but explained… well what she had said to me.

I was packing my stuff up, considering changing my mind, and a colleague said to me “Don’t go back on it now, you are in the right, it’s a test, and if you stand your ground, she will ring you later and ask you to come back to your job.”

Then they all went skiing, but I didn’t have my ski boots on, only socks, so I had to go through the snow in my socks to get my ski boots.

Then there was lots of climbing involved, just me, through a house, windows, furniture, that type of thing, trying to find the right way to go. Then there was a situation where I could have probably made it over the wooden things, but I sort of, out of principle, tried to do it the other way, ended up falling.

Like really fall a long way.

Wake up after falling sensation. Covered in sweat. Quite upset hence not feeling like writing the dream down.

10 thoughts on “Dream #54

  1. I hate that. I have really vivid dreams sometimes. I can be lucid in mine too which is very weird. Are you ever lucid? I hate when something hits me and you wake up jumping… Strange!

  2. Yes I am with Sacha…wish I had your dreams, though not this one, I must admit. I don’t like the “you’re fired” or “you failed” dreams. In fact once I dreamt that I was walking down a corridor at uni and there was a sign with just my name on it and one other word – Failed! Creeped me out at the time….

  3. The house full of stuff is you trying to sort stuff out in your mind. Maybe you were hoping to avoid something, so you had a temporary setback. I wouldn’t stress out. And leaving that job, that was fine. You were really strong in the dream. Strong enough to quit and strong enough to straighten that piece of metal (unless it was like a wire hanger or something!) but quitting the job was strong. General dream of strength, determination, refusal to let anyone push you around, and a brief setback probably due to exhaustion (from all the other stuff going on). It’s what I’d call a “warning” dream, meaning, you can now choose to avoid the setback if you so wish … Probably worth considering what the “principle” was that made you want to avoid climbing over the wood.

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