Alternatives to labiaplasty

:-D I love finding Nemo. Have I sen it? Only about 5 times lol…

Right well, regarding the labia… a few years ago, when I was about 23 or so, I had all these problems ‘down below’… itching, soreness, turning white… and general freaky changes. It wasn’t thrush, had STD tests, all clear… blah blah… saw about 10 different doctors none of them knew what it was, or rather they made guesses at other things. I was watching a TV programme and there was a girl on there whose symptoms were exactly the same as mine, but much much worse as she had gone undiagnosed for 10 years or so. Her vagina had basically sealed up and she couldn’t have sex at all. Anyway, she had Lichen Scleroisis, which is what, after going back to the docs and demanding they do a biopsy on me, turned out I did have.

It’s an autoimmune disease, similar to my colitis, which means basically your body’s immune system attacks it’s own tissues. Nasty stuff.

Anyway, this is turning into a longer story than I expected. Luckily they were able to treat mine with various creams and ointments and oestrogen and I am back to normal, though have to use them on an ongoing basis to stay so.

One of the creams they gave me initially was a very potent steroid cream called dermovate. Which stops your bits atrophying (sealing up etc.) When I was using this as recommended my labia literally shrunk away, the more you use it, the smaller they get, seriously, like some sort of magic. Anyway I’ve switched now to a less potent cream called eumovate and only use it about once a week and I am all fine and dandy, they came back lol. But I still have a certain element of control, the more I use, the smaller they are etc.

The steroids aren’t really harmful to the body in cream form, they don’t get absorbed very far into the body. And I have always wondered with so many people opting for labiaplasty (madness I know, but people do opt for surgery down there). I mean chopping it off with a scalpel, honestly. Why don’t they just give them a tube of steroid cream for goodness sake, much cheaper and less painful surely.

I mean my vulva specialist knows this is an effect.

Or are the plastic surgeons just making too much money.

Sometimes I just think people put two and two together and come up with five. And if you stop using the cream it goes back to normal, get’s large again so you can hardly go wrong.

The world has gone mad. Or perhaps it is just me.

I might put this comment as a post actually…

14 thoughts on “Alternatives to labiaplasty

  1. Lol. Best response ever. Magical cream.

    Plastic surgeons would nip and tuck anything wont they, they would never offer an alternative. It’s crazy how open people are to be craved up. I would go for the magic cream too!

  2. My goodness yuo are going through some crappy stuff. That sounds awful. As for plastic surgery…eek. No way. Except when Fassbinder cracks those nasty jokes of his, well then I think I might go for the castration option….lol

    • Lol. Well, nothing like a nice bit of castration of a morning is there?!

      Oh and it’s more stuff I’ve gone through in the past… it was quite traumatic when I first found out, and scary, but doesn’t bother me at the moment *touch wood*

      • Afternoon…lol – yes you are right. I don’t know why I think that is an attractive idea sometimes. Madness really. I hate doctors.

        • Lol, I never have any idea what time it is in Australia. Or what day. I know it is Autumn. Is it autumn?!

          That will have to do lol…

          I don’t know what time it is here most of the time to be honest…

          And I would keep your balls if I were you, you never know, they might come in handy for something one day?

  3. I’d never heard you could use a cream to shrink it, so maybe no one else really knows either? I’d also bet that GPs and surgeons don’t know, so they’d send you to the surgeon. Docs are surprisingly ignorant sometimes.

  4. oh my god honestly i think you’ve just answered my prayers, my labia have been a major major issue for me from a very young age. im going to order some of this cream and hope for the best, thank you so much

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