Dream #55

In a lot of my dreams I’m painting. Like I’ll be there in a dream, painting a picture. Anyway, I remember it quite vividly e.g., masking tape, silver outline, silver and pink, a navy and red corner, and then dark houses, like a village at the top.

Someone had died and an adult said were these so & so’s razor blades? We should put them somewhere safe.

Then a teacher was shouting at his son who was in his class and he told him to go and jump off the diving board. He jumped off the 10m board but there was no water in the pool (as the caretaker who witnessed it explained to another teacher).

The dad was oblivious. He could be seen walking past in the corridor through a door with a window in it.

I wasn’t falling this time but watched the whole thing from above (diving board view). He was a young boy. Maybe 4 or 5. He landed face down.

2 thoughts on “Dream #55

  1. That is a tough dream. And your mum was not in it…just someone else’s dad. Falling. Or flying….flying dreams are nice. Long time since I had one though, or at least one I can remember.

  2. I can’t believe that I am the only person that commented on this….well there you go…maybe I put them all off…:)

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