My unconscious draws vaginas

I swear this is not intentional and I only notice AFTER I’ve drawn it.

I drew a lady in a skirt, standing on top of some breeze blocks.



Look at the thumbnail in my ‘my pictures’ folder.

It’s a freaking vagina.

Give me strength.


10 thoughts on “My unconscious draws vaginas

  1. My goodness you are funny. Then again, haven’t you noticed that vaginas are everywhere? Men thought that penises were everywhere, but they were only the things that they made. I mean we made. Do I mean that? I do not know. And did you draw that?

    Anyway, in a tiresome-slavedog-kind-of-way, I am giving you another tag…but this time, I have altered the rules so you do not have to do anything other than say you like the idea. You do not even have to do that actually. I am such a carpet, I know. Anyway, I utterly love your blog. And your stories, and you. I think. lol. You are tagged – actually, I should have been tagged at birth with a brand on my butt saying “slave.” Then life could have been simpler. Or complicated in a different way. God I only came here to write a sentence and I have written you another page. Again. Sorry….

  2. You know Rebecca, it is pretty funny that you would not do one one wanking when you did do a post like this one…just love you!

  3. I mean a post ON wanking….god I am an idiot. Hope you can see where the word “on” goes in the previous reply….

  4. where on goes in…..goodness, sounds like a poem. not. Thank you for putting up with me. Even vaguely liking me. Even i irritate myself at times…..

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