If I could fall in love with a picture…

I think this would be the one…



Aside from the obvious bulge, holy…, I mean, sorry words escape me…

There is the perhaps not so obvious, but still very important bicep vein.

I’m not sure I can post this because that will mean I have to stop looking at it for a couple of seconds.


*Pulling myself together*

Come on…


Oh sweet bicep vein…


Happy Sunday.

11 thoughts on “If I could fall in love with a picture…

  1. God I would lie down for her and she could give it to me first with her fists (love being punched in the stomach) and then when she was finished with that, well, the other, she could do that as well to me as I just lay down or whatever.

    Less seriously, but more mentally, you are right. Roland Barthes once talked about those little side details in something he wrote on photography. The weird little details that we cannot let go of once we see them. I will always see what you saw….now that you pointed it out. The bicep vein….yes, and for me it is her fist with whites of the knuckles showing, clenched just that bit more than is needed to hold your shirt…Glad you posted it even though you had to stop looking at her for a moment. I won’t reblog it because then I would not be able to stop looking at her. Goodness, she is well hung isn’t she? That is kind of central.

  2. Funny that the jpg is called packing….lol. Sent packing? Or is there packing in there? God I am an idiot. Feel free to delete anything I post….I cannot believe what I write to you, Rebecca…

  3. OK….so here we all are….looking….what happened to the human project I wonder….

    Ah, stuff it, let’s keep right on looking….sigh. We are not so much looking, as waiting, with, um, our legs apart….lol.

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