I am the keeper of the secrets.

I am the keeper of the secrets.

As Kylie Minogue said, confide in me.

Ask me, go on, can you tell me something?

I can hardly say no.

So yes, here am I, keeper of the secrets,

Secrets I didn’t want,

Thoughts I didn’t want to have to suppress.

Will I keep it to myself?

Yes I will, but if I don’t, it will have been accidental.

Thanks for giving me unwanted efforts, concentration.

Now I must be careful, oh so careful what I say.

You’re not the only one who tells me things.

No, that’s who I am;

The keeper of the secrets.

Secrets I don’t care to know.

A problem shared is a problem halved.

So I’ve got half your problem and half his problem.

That adds up to one whole problem.

And nobody keeps secrets these days anyway.

But I will.

Another burden on my heavy heart.

I hope you feel better.

No, I really do.

I just wish I didn’t have to feel worse.

Hurts – Confide In Me (Kylie Minogue Cover)

2 thoughts on “I am the keeper of the secrets.

  1. Cute (the song I mean). But a secret shared is not a secret halved, o no, Rebecca, you have yourself written it – a secred shared is a secret doubled….sorry to point it out…now you also carry its load.

  2. You can carry all the secrets you want, but as long as they aren’t yours they don’t have to be your burden. And then if they told you, who else have they told? Because it’s not a secret then. 🙂

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