Dream #57

Had to re-take my chemistry A-Level. There were black plastic desks, the first one I sat at dug into my thighs so I moved to the one behind it. Then the teacher wanted to swap my book. (It was an English exam now.) I said I didn’t want to as I liked my book. I left after the first question. Then went home to Aberdare. Looked through the living room door (hinge side). My dad was wanking so I went straight upstairs

Then I was wearing a dress and high heel shoes, had to walk through a muddy field.

heel and mud

My friend L and I gatecrashed some sort of Uni ball and sat down at a table for a free meal. The guys opposite had a different starter. I thought I hope the person in the place where I’m sat has made good food choices. There were ice-cream floats.

Ice cream float

The guy said how did you find the funeral sports module. I bluffed and said it was great how you could ski-jump over a coffin. They laughed. Then we had to go outside on a balcony and it was all being filmed. I thought I hope the interviewer doesn’t ask me a question because I don’t have a clue.

Then my mam decided she wanted to kill my sister, aunt and uncle. I managed to stop her. Carried her handbags and said come on, let’s get back to the house.

4 thoughts on “Dream #57

  1. Do you know, I thought, no mum, and no mum Oedipus thing, and no family even and then I hit the last lines…and there they all were, waiting for me. Well, for you first. And I was waiting for them..if you see what I mean.

    Do you know Rebecca, I have no idea why you put up with me….but I am so glad you do!

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