Melodic metal

I was reminded of a song by the title of a post on Rubber Bound Princess blog.

“Something’s got to give.” Usually the way…

Oh and there is “nothing wrong with me.” Easily identifiable lyrics growing up as an angry lesbian where everyone tells you everything is wrong with you.

Drowning Pool – Bodies

Seeing as we’re on the subject I’ll take you through a night at my local rock club, or the songs we would request anyway.

Disturbed – Down With The Sickness

“It seems you’re having some trouble in dealing with these changes.”

Static X – Cold

Deftones – My Own Summer

“Come shove the sun aside.” I guess it hurts our eyes.

And then at the end of the night, lights go on, toast is given out, and they play Dolly Parton hoping to get everyone off the dance floor. But unfortunately we all love Dolly Parton so it doesn’t work.

Dolly Parton – 9 to 5

Yes those cocktails were nasty but nice, Not sure why the rubber chicken.

Yes those cocktails were nasty but nice, Not sure why the rubber chicken.

I did actually fancy a boy back then. I think we kissed. Well, we did, we kissed.

Currently sort of gradually coming out as bi to any interested parties, those who ask about my love life anyway.

A few of my male friends are perhaps a little enthusiastic. No, I don’t fancy my friends. Boxes, remember, I put you in the friend box. Long ago. And I know we made a pact in Uni, that you would be the father of mine and my girlfriend’s offspring. But things change lol. And let’s face it, you were never going to be involved in the insemination.

Christ it’s like when I came out as a lesbian in school and all the blonde girls ( I don’t mean to generalise but there was a clique of blonde barbie-type girls) who mistakenly thought I now fancied each and every one of them.

No. Just no. I might be bi, I might not, but I’m still extremely fussy.

Now please, put your penis away. I love you. But back in the pants it goes. Thanks.

On the plus side, it does wonders for the confidence. Which I suppose is what I need. Kind of.

After being rejected by the one person I did actually quite like. So I’m going to be a slut for a little while.

A word used twice in Writing the body’s poem ‘Sphinx.’

It doesn’t take away the pain, but it does something. Not quite empowerment. But something similar…

I’m not sure I will find out exactly what till afterwards. Assuming, that is, I don’t get addicted… to the pleasant feelings. I suppose it is kind of a replacement of pleasant feelings that I got from my interaction with…

Oh dear, it started as a post about music.

There is no plan to any of my posts in case you couldn’t tell. What comes out, comes out.


I use the word ‘slut’ in a sex-positive way of course. If that’s possible.

4 thoughts on “Melodic metal

  1. Ha, those are some of my fav songs! And YAY, i think you deserve to have a bit fun (be it with women or men). Go out into the world and get laid…it’ll definitely help you manage your stress better. And YES “slut “can be used in a positive way!

  2. I hope I am in the “friend” category… Actually, I nearly wrote “fiend” category, but that would be different. Kind of like barbie doll blonde which I am not. Except if I wear a wig. And even then I would not be eligible. I would be more….illegible a kind of ungrammatical person, or half person.

    “Slut” bothers me…I guess that is how it got in my poem. Then again you are strong enough to use it…and I am sure you can. In fact you did, and it made you feel good. I think, maybe it comes back to that. Or your inner strength, spice girl power. But which spice, i wonder? Pepper? Chilli? Asafoetida – now that is one hell of a spice. I wonder what that spice girl would look like….it all comes back to girl-power. Or if you are weak enough like me, then it is whatever I am minus power…no electricity at all…lol

    Metal…funny space. and then as you say you wandered off. I think it is Dolly Parton that did it…

    • Well for all I know you could be devilishly handsome and I may fancy the pants off you… However I expect we would be sexually incompatible what the fact we are both raving masochists. Having said that, I feel fairly certain that your masochism runs to such extremities that I would end up being well, completely dominant. It’s true. So yes, the friend box seems like a very good idea and I am more than delighted to put you in it 🙂 lol.

      I am not sure my use of the word ‘slut’ made me feel good particularly. I have mixed feelings about the matter. I am very insecure and it doesn’t take much more than a disapproving word from a ‘friend’ and I seem to doubt myself, doubt everything, my reasons for doing it all. I think I’m quite a long way off from ‘girl power’ actually lol. But it is a nice idea.

      I expect it was Dolly that made me wander off, or perhaps it was the rubber chicken (cock). Let’s be honest, it was the cock lol.

      Oh me oh my.

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