Dream #58

Was sleeping in the same bed as a girl, she was quite young, about 18, she pulled my knickers aside and started touching me, we had sex, I sucked her breasts she had small breasts but with big nipples. But then I kissed her and she had a horrible stubbly moustache that put me off kissing her so we just continued with the sex. Twice someone, I think it was my mum, came in the room and we jumped apart and pretended to be asleep.

Then there was a ball of string which we had to use as toilet roll which I thought was stupid.

Then I had to put a needle in her back in two places and remove it again each time. At a 45 degree angle. So she was left with two holes slightly bleeding but not much because I was gentle.

Sketch of what it looked like. Not so good at describing.

Sketch of what it looked like. Not so good at describing.

Then she told me her dad had written Jane Eyre and I said I loved that book but wasn’t it written by a woman. She said no it was her dad.

Jane Eyre

16 thoughts on “Dream #58

    • Sometimes, particularly if it’s a person I know.

      But I don’t recall the face of the girl I was sleeping with. Just the breasts. Like you do lol.

      I think she had dark hair. But not sure about the face, no.

  1. I usually have the most mundane dreams about things like mowing the grass or vacuuming floors (although at least sometimes I’m wearing a French maid outfit, which is pretty cool, I guess.) I like your dreams way better. Good stuff.

      • Angel wings….hum….what comes to mind now is City of Angels, when Nicolas Cage gave up his wings for Meg Ryan. There’d be holes or marks where his wings used to be, right? Maybe? Fallen angel? Defrocked angel? gaw the possibilities are endless…

          • Oh come on!!! How’d you miss it? lol I liked it well enough to buy the DVD. He’s an angel, she’s a surgeon who has her defenses waaaay up to keep people out. He runs into her in the operating room where he arrives to escort the patient she’s working on…to whereever. He falls in love with the idea of being human and considers giving up his “wings” to be with her….I liked it overall. There is a scene or two or three that are utter tear jerker scenes and I remember yelling at the screen..oh come on!!!! If you have nothing better to do it isn’t a complete time waster. I found the premise to be thought provoking…how far would one go to feel, to love, to live? That sort of thing

    • I’ve analysed a couple. No idea what I’m doing really, just google meanings on the internet…



      Don’t really have recurring dreams, I did have one as a child, a big green lawnmower was chasing me down Cwmdare hill (where my Primary school was) and I used to jump down this steep grass verge onto the football pitch and then wake up. More of a nightmare really!

      Writing them down I find fun, when you wake up it all seems so boring and inconsequential but then if you force yourself to write it down you realise they can actually be quite interesting.

      And the more you do it, the more you remember! (Though I recently went through a bit of a dry spell.) But a few months back I was remembering 8 different dreams of a night or so…

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