Dream #61

Emily was there again, why she’s in so many of my dreams I have no idea. She’s a random friend from my childhood, who was a bit bossy, and she always is in the dreams.

She wanted to photograph a form I was holding and insisted I put my feet on the ground to steady it, even though it was perfectly steady as it was.

Then I had to disassemble a set of plastic drawers, whilst standing on the opened drawer of the set beneath them. Then I had to stack a pile of hats on top of each other. It was tricky because they were all different sizes. This was all happening above the diving pool which had all junk and leaves and dirt in it. I dived in and had trouble finding the way to the surface because of all the crap.

Then I met a woman who was called Azathioprine. (The name of one of the drugs I’m on for my U.C.)

3 thoughts on “Dream #61

  1. Omg the hat thing is so true! The other week at work there was this table of hats, all the random hats , left overs. I was trying to fix the table but it was literally one of 30 different kind of hats and all shapes and size. I couldn’t get them fixed and i got super mad lol.

    • Lol! Weird. And I didn’t even have to arrange any hats in real life…

      You must be sending vibes across the Atlantic…

      If you’d had to disassemble some plastic drawers I’d be well freaked out 😉

  2. taking them apart is harder that putting them together…..but only a dream would make you get inside to do it…lol

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