Dream #62

I fell and two of my teeth fell out of the top right of my mouth, and another was left dangling. I picked up the two teeth hoping they could be put back in. I was hoping to see the dentist soon because I was worried about swallowing the dangly tooth when I went to sleep.

Luckily the shop was still open and I bought packet soups and an ice cream which was all I could eat. I asked for orange juice, she gave me blueberry. I said “Don’t you have any regular orange juice?” I said “Ok, Sunny Delight will do.” She couldn’t give me a receipt, I said “fine”.

Then I had to pay by card except I put the pin number in wrong because the numbers weren’t written on the keypad properly. Some were blank. I tried again. I got mad because the numbers were supposed to go from left to right, but they went like this:

1     2     3

4     5     6

9     8     7

*     0     #

Then I went on a radio show competition. The competitor I spoke to had been there before. We were being prepped. I couldn’t talk properly because my teeth were still out. I hoped they’d be fixed by the broadcast.

Someone went up a ladder to an attic, it looked precarious so I went to stand at the bottom, and it did, the ladder fell, but I grabbed it so she fell more gently and she was ok.

Then we had to play a game, sticking arrows into things in the supermarket. I speared lots of things including a turkey.

Then we had to fly a plane each, and the other girl crashed hers because she didn’t know you had to pull the nose up during landing.

4 thoughts on “Dream #62

  1. I do that all the time, punch in the wrong number for things lol. Its cause my deli store and my supermarket store and work all have those pin pads to punch the numbers in and the numbers are arranged differently. It’s so awkward.

    LOL “she didn’t know you had to pull the nose up during landing” i just pictured a plane going full speed nose first into the ground…

  2. Do you have to pull the nose up while landing? I mean (just asking, not being a dick), can you fly planes – maybe you can (people round the place do fly them)….and the teeth…o goodness. I hate that idea. This is one of those dreams that are fear-dreams, like when you go out with no clothes on…

    • Lol you’re right, I’m not sure I can actually fly a plane…

      But I’m pretty sure the nose goes up during landing. And the flaps extended lol!

      Been watching too much Air Crash Investigation…

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