I will do a blog post when I am less drunk…

…and it will make more sense.

I have a lot of dreams to catch up on.

One involving penises, penes, peniii…. what is the plural of penis? winkys, dinkies….

Another invloving Cadbury’s flakes. I know…. disturbing or what. With hot chocolate, and whipped cream.

Oh I woke up craving a flake indeed. Flakes, chocolate flakes.


And welcome back to John….

farewell to Tilda….

and hello to Tasha…


Love to all my blogging friends…


I may not remember any of this in the morning.

13 thoughts on “I will do a blog post when I am less drunk…

  1. LOL oh yes! Drunken posts. Before it was drunken phone calls. Then it was drunken texts. Now , we are bringing it to drunken blogs.

    And i would just use a different synonym for penis. Like “wieners”…Makes plural use so much easier.

    I’m feeling a bit more less sober since last we spoke. Cheap wine is good.

  2. My goodness, Rebecca, you always make me think of random stuff. Anyway, plural of penis as you know even when drunk, is penises. But that is not really what you are asking. But Rose Chimera above me has answered what I first thought of….so then I had second thoughts. And one of my Latin dictionaries has this for you:
    penis, -is. m. That means it is a group three noun. It is, surprisingly, a masculine noun which is the m. Mine does not feel that way, but that is beside the point. So that means, to paraphrase Churchill or whoever it was that did not like Latin, that its cases can have funny forms, a bit like the thing the word describes I guess. So as as subject, one penis is just well, penis. And if you want to talk to your penis, you say, O penis! But if you want to kick your penis, you call it a penem. And if you donate things to the penis, well, that is peni. And so on. The best one is penibus, which is if you are donating to, or hanging our near, multiple penises.

    Now I am doing it again. Talking about penises that is. I think I need to have an operation to get mine removed. Except I hate doctors. And knives. And hospitals. And the smell of antiseptic. And well, filling in forms. And waiting. And even the word hospital. It sounds like hospice. Or herpes. Or Harpic. That stuff you put in toilets. Green or blue.

    Here I am at the herpesital. To get an injection. Or a catheter. Actually I was on rubber bound’s blog talking to her about her catheter. That is kind of irrelevant. Like penises. Or me.

    Well this has been fun, me raving on like a lunatic as usual on your site. I love the way you put up with me…..and where did TIlda go? She has been very kind to me….as have you. *hugs*

    • Would you really… want it removed? If you could wake up tomorrow and it be gone (without pain or hospitalisation)…

      As for Tilda, she has a lot of work on, qualifying to be a therapist, I think, so she’s closed her blog and facebook, although still can be contacted by email…

      • That is a lot of ifs. Probably, yes it is one of those Fassbinder style fantasies….in reality, just maybe just wake up without it one day. But in that magical world I think I would ask for a complete body and brain transplant so I could be, well someone else. Someone like you maybe. lol,.

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