And so it starts…

1. Lie under duvet for much longer than necessary

2. Ignore all incoming phone calls

3. What am I playing at

4. Paralysis

5. I can’t even do anything I would normally have done, because I should be doing this other thing now, instead of the other things

6. Procrastination

7. Denial

8. Panic

9. Depression

10. Influx of existential questions

11. Sex / drugs / alcohol / art / drugs / sex / more alcohol /

12. Why is this so difficult?

13. Failure

14. Failure

15. Failure

16. Photoshop

Fuck knows

When and how did I get so fucked up? Fuck knows.

12 thoughts on “And so it starts…

  1. Wow. You evidently wrote the guide book on this one! I follow those steps too. Apart from the Photoshop, I can’t use Photoshop.
    It’s a horrid feeling (the moods, not the lack of Photoshop knowledge), hope you ride it out soon.

  2. No 5 seems to be the one. You do not fail….but no 5 is the one. definitely. I love lists as you know. And as Corner above says, *hugs* indeed. Sorry it is a crap day. Sometimes it is like that.

  3. 1. Hot cocoa
    2. The realization that if you lay in bed all day, nothing will happen
    3. Decide you don’t care
    4. More hot cocoa
    5. Eat a battered sausage

    Just a thought 🙂

    It’s okay to feel like that as long as you know that you can feel that way and still get up out of bed and start doing things, no matter how unappealing the thought is. I hope you are having a better day today. 🙂

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