The Real New York ( Introduction Part 1)

I am reblogging this because Tasha was so kind to do this post for me about what it is like to ACTUALLY live in New York. And I love it, all of it, the nitty gritty… and there is even more to come as I understand! Thank you very very muchly! 🙂

Corner of Confessions

This month’s Matters Most honoree Rebecca from Art of Stumbling  has challenged me to a blog post. She wants me to write about New York City.


My initial reaction to the request was “Sweet! This is easy!” The month is almost over and i realized I have too much to say. So this is PART ONE of my New York series. I also realized how much of a typical New Yorker I am. I take my city for granted. I thought I had a million photos of NY and the buildings and sites. What i actually have is a million photos of my face and your lucky if you catch  a glimpse of light in the background.  So for one of these parts( when i have time and money) I will go on a tourist day to take pictures (no face shots, promise) and show you The Real New…

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