The kiss

artofstumbling style…

So I’m messing around with photos of me naked, as you tend to do when you’re single, don’t you. I guess.

Anyway upon seeing picture, person says “You’ve recreated ‘the kiss'” Accidentally of course. I see your point, but… aren’t there two people in that painting? Yes, there are. Two people.

But anyway, here I am, being kissed by a ghost, or something invisible…

Oh what a profound statement of loneliness!! Kiss me, invisible being.

I’m just a photoshop outline before anyone gets excited.


It doesn’t seem very comfortable does it? Oh the price we pay for romance… a broken neck.

The Kiss - Gustav Klimt

The Kiss – Gustav Klimt

I don’t mean to post about Placebo in every single blog post, but you know… What the heck. In case you’ve not seen it, the artwork to the album ‘Sleeping with ghosts’.

Placebo - Sleeping with ghosts. Sketch by Voodugirl on

Placebo – Sleeping with ghosts.
Sketch by Voodugirl on

And the song…

Placebo – Sleeping with ghosts

2 thoughts on “The kiss

  1. Intriguing pix. Stared at it for about 5 minutes and it began to look like an optical illusion. It’s definitely mesmerizing. I think your pix is more surrealist vis-a-vis The symbolist Kiss. I like surrealism. I like your pix😊.
    Uncomfortable position? I guess not if you r a yogini. Namaste.

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