Dream #63 – Probably not suitable for work…

…especially if the people sitting near you have good eyesight.

Was sucking a man’s cock. He said no, don’t trouble yourself. I said but I want to I’m enjoying it. He said ok then. I guess he was sleepy. Then da da da in the back of my throat. It tasted like, well, it tasted like what it tasted like. I swallowed. He told me when to stop sucking.

I’ve put off writing this one up for a week, can’t think why.

5 thoughts on “Dream #63 – Probably not suitable for work…

  1. Ok reading at work despite the warning. People’s eyesight here is not that good esp when I am reading off my phone. Lol. Was super bored with the mundanity of work staring at me. Now I m distracted n thinking about the taste. Lo n behold it’s lunch x. Thanks for the post- made x move. May mull over the dream again. Intriguing. Hmm .. That’s twice in a week I’ve been intrigued by your posts.

  2. Man meat taken sweetly, fair enough. No one has ever cum in my mouth not even in a dream. I love your dreams…because it is typed it has a certain reality. Anyway, I had a friend who was kind of a junkie, male (I mean he was male, still is male I guess) that someone he did not know was sucking his cock a while after he had had a hit, and well, he fell asleep, but then woke up and she (I think) was still sucking his cock as if nothing had interrupted. I guess sleep is quiet. Anyway it fits with that idea of yours that in the dream you were doing it for you. And I guess she was doing it for herself. Well I hope so. He did not appreciate it obviously. But then he did not mind either….

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