Dream #64

Was on top of a bunk bed reading a book. It was foreign and English. S came up and said how far have you got? She looked, I was about 3 chapters in. Then she put her arm round me. I said sorry I’ve been a shit friend. She said that’s ok. And then climbed down again. I was lying down on my back reading.

Then I was at the top of a grassy hillside. I threw a ball down, it rolled so far, then got stuck in a bush. I followed it. Threw it further. Followed it etc.

Then I was in a hall full of people, several of us were standing with pool cues. We were backing singers to a couple of artists, one male, one female. We came in at different times to create a build-up of volume.

Then there were records and glass plates, I had to put them back in the right sleeves.

Then sister, sweets, running machine, being shot at with a gun.

(That’s according to my notes in my phone. If I’d have written it up sooner I might have remembered what I was on about. I don’t really remember anything about that last bit. Your guess is as good as mine.)

6 thoughts on “Dream #64

  1. Being shot at with a gun? Putting plates into record sleeves, or maybe records. And that sister. So you have a sister as well? Is she as wonderful as you? I just cannot imagine two of you…..really cannot.

    • Yes I have a sister, couple of years younger. She is absolutely wonderful… although, I mean, I don’t think we could be more different if we tried! No, really, so very very different lol.

        • No she doesn’t read my blog lol. She is outgoing, popular, quite ditzy, extremely funny, drinks a lot, does like to make fun of me lol. She’s a blonde, heterosexual fitness instructor, so very fit, though you wouldn’t know it to look at her 😉 as she has a bit of a chunk. Oh and she has made her way through most of the Welsh rugby team… but now has settled down with a nice bloke. Anyway, I love her, she’s great, truly. But we cannot spend too long together before we hate each other… best taken in small doses!

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