Dream #65

Woke up screaming. So I got married to a woman. It was a practice-run so my parents weren’t there. I was wearing a black dress with a white handkerchief in a pocket. There were flowers, pale pink and purple in different vases. She went in for the kiss (after the “you may now kiss the brides”) thing, and it was not like I’d imagined, short and abrupt. Then after she just sat down and watched telly. I decided it was not what I wanted, to get married to her. So I needed to tell her, but we had company, so this was proving difficult. I said “Can I talk to you on your own?”

We were in the sea with a friend now, and we all had to do a poo in the sea. We didn’t believe the friend had really done a poo so we considered touching our foot on the bottom to check if it was there. Anyway, I still needed to get her alone and there was a rock, with a waterfall gushing over it, which was perfect, but she wouldn’t stop there, she carried on climbling up where there were people everywhere, and I was getting annoyed by this point, because I just wanted to get her by herself to tell her I didn’t want to get married. I kept saying to myself ‘It’s not what I want’. I told her. She didn’t take it well. We went our separate ways.

There was a carer woman supposed to call to look after me, but she didn’t turn up because she thought I was dead. So the man I was with rang her, and said “Can you come in today?” She said “Oh but I was just shopping and I’ve got some beautiful silver wrapping paper, ok, I’ll head there now.” There were two men with me. They gave me a black box to pack my things. There were 3 loaves of bread. I said I’ll only have one, you have one each because if I take them all, they’ll just go stale. So they did.

Then my wife-to-be came back, she was pissed off. We passed in the corridor and she slammed me into a little boy. I said to the men, I’m so sorry, she pushed me, you know I would never purposefully run into a little boy.

So the carer left me (and the two men had gone already) at the end of the day. Then a big black man came in through the door and walked down the hallway towards me. She had sent him to kill me. I screamed (I think) and woke up.

One thought on “Dream #65

  1. Getting married….well the legislation is in the news at the moment – France and New Zealand legislating for gay marriage. At one level it stitches more people up into promised monogamy and house buying and all that family stuff. But then at another as here where they have not legislated for it, it is worse, awful and ongoing discrimination. To marry or not to marry…..well I am sure you will figure it out, even in your dreams….where you still it seems wish to be a free spirit.

    And the boy thing….confusing. Indirect harm caused by you by another pushing you….and the guy coming to kill, well that is pure Hollywood….like marriage. lol

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