Dream #67

Was in a queue to buy stamps, at a bar, my piano teacher was serving. I motioned to indicate that the guy next to me was first. He asked for two 1st class stamps, I asked for two 2nd class. I gave her £100 (which was a big coin about the size of a Wagon Wheel) and when I left I realised she’d only given me £80 change. So I told her, she owed me about £19. She said she would give it to me later. I was a bit pissed off by this.

So I went across the room and there was a cello. I started playing it. I was quite good because it was the same as playing the violin, except my bow kept riding up as I found it difficult to reach. Also the cello spike kept slipping on the floor.


I don’t think I ever got the rest of the money.

2 thoughts on “Dream #67

  1. Do they have first class stamps? lol. Love it of course. Hate being ripped off when I buy stuff….so 19pounds would be a bummer. Playing cello…well then!

  2. i used to order food from this Chinese restaurant and when the delivery came he would give me my change and I would then give him a tip. I usually tip 2 bucks because the store is four blocks away ( yes I am that lazy sometimes to order delivery when i can walk lol) and I would take my food instead and then count my change and almost every time i realized he already took a dollar tip so he ended up getting an extra dollar. Sneaky, that guy.

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