“To this nature so unnatural”.

So I am 27 now. But I still listen to this song. And my intimate is no-one.

I just love this song. And Davey, the guy screaming, well he is not going to be reincarnated I guess, he is on his last life. I’m not exactly sure how he knows this.

And this album, well, it is a very good album, with profound lyrics. But it does not start at the beginning, because you know, that would be too simple. No, I think it starts with the breathing and black blood. That would mean the leaving songs are in order at least.

“I know I died that night and I’ll never be brought back to life, once again, I know” ~ Bleed Black

AFI – But Home Is Nowhere

Davey Havok

This Time Imperfect

3 thoughts on ““To this nature so unnatural”.

  1. I always found AFI all of them and Davey (the singer) hot. In a kind of museum morgue kind of way with that hairdo. And good, nice to be reminded….actually it was the album after this that got me in…but this is great too….what has happened to them lately?

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