Quick update about the teeth thing

As you have all been so lovely and supportive thought I’d do a quick post to fill you in. *Boom boom*

Had my first lesson today. See picture. Of course, it’s all girls, of course.



Anyway that’s not what I was trying to say. Mr Interrogative dentist has asked me to come in for a trial morning tomorrow to… quote… “See how I perform.” Shocked. Yes. Me too. I think everyone else on the course is applying for this one position, oh joy. And I’m not supposed to talk about it to the others. Ahh confidentiality and all that bollocks. Already. Free labour more like.

Anyway, I’m going to go and kick some arse, kiss some arse, whatever needs doing. The main thing is, of course, I need to not fall asleep. Which may prove tricky.

Anyway I can’t go to sleep yet, because I need to go and buy some black trousers from the supermarket. They are going to lend me a nurse’s tunic. I can’t tell you how excited I am, just to play “dressing up” for the day.

If this doesn’t work I’ll just set up my own ‘underground’ ‘black market’ dental practice or whatever. Come and get yer tooth extractions for a fiver.

Also may have a quick flick through the textbook to learn the names of the pokey thing, and the mirror and all that.

Nirvana – School

6 thoughts on “Quick update about the teeth thing

  1. Remember: engage the patient and make them feel comfortable. Laugh, make jokes, and smile a lot. Even if you do something wrong, they’ll still take a liking to you as long as you have a good attitude. 🙂

  2. Yea you can! Get the spit-sucker thing, and those white foam sort of things, and those, yeah like, mirror things, and pokey things. And the water-squirter thing. And the pliers thing, and yank that tooth thing, right, well out.

    More seriously, apart from the fact I think I am still scared of dentists, but turned on by their sexy assistants in those tunic things, well not really, but you know….anyway, apart from that I just hope it went well. Fingers crossed.

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