What if being straight was frowned upon instead?

I’m sharing this video because, well, I think it’s really powerful and well-made. It did make me cry, I must say. I have been fortunate enough not to have been a victim of bullying this extreme, I have not been beaten up for being gay, but I have seen it happen, and many of the things in the film ring true for me, and I’m sure do for all gay people in one way or another.

I have heard the words ‘abomination’, ‘disgusting’, in reference to my sexuality. Also my mother’s favourite ‘It’s just a phase’. This is the world that gay people live in today, even in countries supposedly as ‘forward-thinking’ as the U.K.

I have had a hotel receptionist, upon seeing the arrival of my girlfriend and I, say “Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer a twin room instead of a double, we  have some available?”

Discrimination is still everywhere, it really is. We put up with being ‘tolerated’ or even ‘accepted’ but there is such a long way to go. And this video, well, it really packs a punch. Well it did for me, anyway.

It is hard work being out and proud. Sometimes you just want to be, well, normal. Whatever that is.

Really, so well thought-out. Well done to Wingspan, the company that made this short film.

[Content warning: scenes of self-harm and violence]

Love is all you need movie

8 thoughts on “What if being straight was frowned upon instead?

  1. Reblogged this on Cassie Being Cassie and commented:
    This post by Art Of Stumbling is simple but hard hitting and should be seen more widely. The video it contains is is deeply affecting and worth 20 minutes of anybody’s time. It does contain some triggers though that may be disturbing for some. It is strange how when you turn things on their head ome things become much more obvious… This video needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Sadly the ones who need to see it the most are not likely to be frequenting my blog.

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  3. yes, beautiful….sad, and the bullying does such damage. Like I been trying to say for a while, you are a brave and great soul R. keep on going!

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