Dream #69

I dreamed I was sleeping in a bed with my sister. She sprayed perfume everywhere and it made me feel sick, I was sick on the navy carpet, and it was illuminous  yellow, because of my drugs. I told my sister to leave. Also turned out we had been having an incestuous relationship forced by my father.

Then I had the most awful day. The two dogs started biting me, biting my arm, attacking me, jumping really high.

My breath smelled so no-one wanted to be near me.

Then the dog fell down the toilet and I tried to rescue him by pulling his paws, even though he had been attacking me. I thought it’s not his fault, something weird is going on.

Then I was at a party. Before that AL was there and someone else, and a piano, a violin. I wasn’t feeling very well but she gave me a wooden table with a curved top to sit on and I tapped it (drummed on it) whilst they played the other instruments.

Then I was at a different party and I took some chocolate body butter. The girls said that’s so & so’s body butter, you’d better ask, so I did, and she said it was ok.

Then everyone did the conga and danced along, but no-one wanted to hold me.

Then I was at a another party and as I was going in I passed a bearded lady in the hallway. Then a young girl in a black dress, reasonably attractive but not exceptionally, came up to me, grabbed me by the waist and asked if I wanted to have sex.

I was still thinking about my bad breath, and the illuminous sick, and I did not feel like it so I said no and she left.

A while later I changed my mind so went to find her. I did, but I didn’t want to kiss her in front of everyone, so I just said I changed my mind, took her by the hand, and we left.

We were going to go to hers, or a place that she rented in the city, rather, but it was too far away, so I said just come to mine.

So we walked but I got lost and could not find my house. She got fed up and left.

When I eventually got home and checked my email there was a drunken email from her and a list of her friends and they were calling me a player.

Then I was having sex with a guy. Well, he put his penis through a toilet roll, so only the tip was inside me. Then I had a threesome with two guys and was rimming one of them.

4 thoughts on “Dream #69

  1. Me too…no one minds your breath, and while I am about as potent as cooked spaghetti noodles, in my mind’s eye my man meat would always do what it could, which is kinda nothing….but you get the idea.

    But really it is your sister the star of this…the anxiety at the centre, I guess….

      • Props for trying! Goodness me, that is lol too – hardly ever do I go to a blog and laugh and smile as much as i do on yours…..o have a great day you legend!

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