Dream #70

So, um there was some sort of thing going on in a hardware store. There were these two bad guys. And we had to catch them. They got handcuffed to a post but managed to escape. Then for some reason we had to paint ourselves entirely in paint. I was painting myself green but it wasn’t the easiest paint to cover myself with and I had lots of gaps. So someone came and filled me in with some blue paint.

Then we went to Scotland. This was still part of this plot to catch the men. We went into this old-fashioned building. Like a really ornate, massive, hall. And there were lots of red things to stand on / climb on. It was a really long way down to the floor. And there were shelves all around the edge. So we all spread out, standing on the different things. Then we all made our way to the bottom and chucked things off the shelves whilst doing so. We had to dodge the things that people were chucking down as well.

Then I was lying in a bed with 4 friends, watching a film. My straight friend M, was snuggled up to me, in an intimate way. And it felt nice. I didn’t do anything to her, I was kind of scared, but enjoyed letting her hold me. Her arm was across my stomach and we were holding hands at one point as well.

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