A to Z of sex.

Thanks John at Writing the body for nominating me for this… ABC award.

ABC This one has almost no rules, except that
1. As usual you add the award image to your blog (just copy and paste guys)
2. ABC yourself in a word – well, I will do that, but I need to add explanations for my single words…lol
3. Nominate however many blogs you wish and let the recipient know.

So, I would like to nominate, where has he gone, Gabriel of Beaten into Submission

Also going to nominate Cheri Speak. You might like to do this on your dating blog.

And Cassie

Also Shackled and Crowned

And finally Man behind the steel mask

I guess John has turned this into a sexy award, feel free to do A to Z of sex, or just yourself, or in fact, even do nothing at all. Other than simply know I appreciate your blog.

A – Andromimetophilia. Trans men as a focus of erotic interest. Yes, bigtime.

Sexy trans man

Sexy trans man

B – Blow Job. On a man or a woman. Whatever.

C – Captain von Trapp. With boots and a whistle.

Captain von Trapp

D – Dominant. How I like my women, inside and outside of the bedroom.

E – Eating out. At my favourite restaurant.

F – Fingers. Nothing like sucking a finger as a sort-of publicly acceptable signal of intent.

G – Gentle

H – Hard ^ vary these two. Also, Humiliation. I get off on it.

I – Injuries. Reminders of your time.

J – Jealousy. Part of humiliation.

K – Kissing. Probably the most important part of sex.


L – Legs. On women. Smooth, with stockings, fishnets. Legs on men are not the same. I see no point of legs on men. Well, I mean, they are useful for walking, but not so nice for licking, especially covered in hair. And they do not have that shapeliness of a woman.


M – Man-meat. I have to say man-meat lol.

N – Nipples. Does this need an explanation. Okay so I’m well-versed in women’s nipples. In my naivety, another N, I did not realise that men, well, they too, like their nipples attended to. For some reason this did not occur to me. But there you go. Now I know.

O – Orgasms. Objectification.


P – Penis. Have only recently discovered these. Kind of nice how they are a bit springy. Anyway, all new to me.

Q – Queer. I like being queer. Even if I’m with a man, I will always consider myself queer. As will they, I expect.

R – Red lingerie.

S – Strap-on. I don’t mind if giving or receiving, but there’s not a lot that makes you feel closer during lesbian sex than the feeling of filling someone entirely.


T – Teasing. Torture.

U – Urine.

V – Violation. Rape fantasy.


W – Wrists. Pinned.

X – XX or XY or X or XXY or XXX or XYY or XXXX. I guess you’re not fussy about your chromosomes when you’re pansexual. Which I suppose I am rather than bi, what with being attracted to people outside of the gender binary.

Y – Y is it all so complicated she yelped as she yanked her hair in the throes of passion. Y can’t we all just sit down and have a nice Yorkshire pudding.

Z – Zips. Unzipping. Accessing the goods.

9 thoughts on “A to Z of sex.

  1. Where have I gone? Just crazy! lol Thank you 🙂 I really love your blog too! I’ll give the A-Z thing a shot when I get the chance since I think it’s awesome you nominated me.

    • Sorry! That’s called typing as I think 😉 I know where you are… just… finding links, not my thing haha.

      Anyway, I found you now. And yeah would be great if you do your A to Z when you get the chance 🙂

      P.S. I love your blog also. (Especially Mr & Mrs Hippo)

      • Thank you 🙂 Well then I’m sure you are going to get a great laugh when I post up the movies. I think they really come to life in one in particular that I worked very hard on. I’m about to cave soon and just load them to youtube so I can share them!

    • Oh Katie Katie Katie, I can’t believe you don’t know what a Yorkshire pudding is! Um. Well it’s a puffy thing made of flour, milk and eggs and you have it with your chicken dinner usually! Or you can buy frozen ones from the supermarket.

      I can’t believe you don’t have them, or do you have them and call them something else lol?

      So many British delicacies for you to try when you come over 😉

  2. I knew what yorkshire pudding in the ordinary sense was…was wondering if there were some other sense…but no.

    Well, it was the legs entry that broke me up….no point in legs on men except for walking! You are right of course. thank you as ever!

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