Dream #72

My physics teacher was teaching us to write a poem. he said write the rhythm first then fill in the words. Da da da da.

‘If I ever see you again, I’ll punch you in the face.’ was my poem.

He borrowed my computer and was looking at my pictures as he was teaching us (which I did not give him permission to look at and I was hoping he wasn’t looking at any naughty pics).

Then I got a fingernail clipping stuck between my teeth and it made my gum bleed.

Then he asked what my date of birth was.

One thought on “Dream #72

  1. Sweet dream … fun poem….dream poem…punch my face, well that is a thought (actually, you know that the last time someone punched my face, he broke his hand? It was a while ago, and we were all kinda drunk…lol). Anyway, the fingernail…ew, that would be annoying, like fingernails scratching glass…

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