I wrote a post and I deleted it.

My sex life, depression, disturbing dreams do not belong alongside my career.

It’s a shame because I am one whole person, and it is now a part of me, what it all adds up to.

But you know, I can’t talk about both in the same blog.

And I know some of my regular followers would enjoy the things I wrote about the things I wrote about my job (Oh I can be witty sometimes) but you know, it is not worth my job to write the things I wrote about my blog. Unfortunately dear readers. So from now on I’m just what I was before. Pretend I don’t have that particular job. Job, what job?

I’m just a regular old depressed sex addict / artist / musician who does not have a job with any sort of sense of responsibility or confidentiality. I’m just not around as much, because of my job, that I don’t actually have.

I’m not even supposed to get arrested for being drunk anymore.

Oh God. Responsibility. How did this happen to me?

To be honest, what I wrote was fine… just put it NEXT to all my other stuff and issues, and I’m tarnishing my good reputation and that of the place where I may or may not work.

I have made my decision, I’m sticking to sex and impropriety.


And I’m now going to disassociate myself from myself.

I am not who I am.

Just as well really.

10 thoughts on “I wrote a post and I deleted it.

  1. I vote you blog about whatever you need to 🙂 but it’s your blog so your choice. I hope things get better for you though and that you figure your things out.

  2. Omg. U can still b who you are ! U just have to xxxx most things u blog. How’s  this …today at xxx I had to xxxx the xxx out of xxx. It was all xxx and xxxx but we manage to xxxx. Lol. k this will not work😳.. Aww how can anyone esp you disassociate from you ?  The essence of the artofstumbling’s being is you being you. Oh the dilemma ! But I guess one can compartmentalise you? You the dental nurse and you the artiste , etc.. I  think I empathise with confidentiality n responsibility. Esp  in healthcare. But it is a challenge – to watch those invisible lines that one should try not to cross.  So yes bring on the sex and impropriety n avoid the bloody gums n sanitisation. Unless the former happens at work😱. Btw wanted to ask how’s day 1 at work but guess not … Since u do not work! But have a great day 2 of not working n more blood n jaw bones!

  3. I guess I am curious too….but you are not anonymous and I completely understand. That is not you in that pic, is it? Who is it? Pictures are strange things, they capture a moment of reality, and yet, they are different from that reality….and in capturing the moment, it is as if we age away from them,until they are like lost souls bobbing out beyond the breakers…drifting hopelessly ever further and further away from the shore where we stand forlornly watching. Or something like that. Well, what I really want to know is how your first day went. But then, I think you wrote that, and erased it….mainly I suspect because you were kidding around in it….anyway, you still have a job. And that is good, good. And um, good. x

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